Hybrid Travel Trailers and Regular RVs: Comparison Review With Top 16 Pros and Cons

Water resistance of hybrid campers BEGINNER INFO

I was very close to buying my first camper, when I realized that hybrid travel trailers have a number of advantages to them, which I knew would come in handy.

The first thing that appealed to me was the floorplan, which is flexible. The second one was the weight. I have a regular car and I was already ready to rent an SUV for my travel trailer.

However, the weight is very comfortable, since I can use my car as the towing vehicle for hybrid travel trailers.

Nonetheless, similarly to everything else, hybrid campers as well, have several disadvantages. I was really concerned about the canvas material density.

When you go to campgrounds, there will definitely be other people with their set up trailers. The noises from those neighbors and sometimes the noises from your trailer will be clearly hearable to you outside.

Moreover, a hybrid trailer is not that comfortable for winter weather. The insulation lacks a little too much. Additionally, there is little to no privacy.

So, when the time came for me to choose a trailer, I stopped on hybrid camper trailers. They are great for two travelers who make quick stops. That was exactly the situation with my girlfriend and me.

Hybrid Travel Trailers and Regular RVs: Comparison Review With Top 16 Pros and Cons

Setting up hybrid travel trailers

Most of the time hybrid RVs have two pop ups, expandable pop ups. Depending on the quantity of those pieces, the unfolding time may vary.

The general steps, which are required for opening up and setting up the a hybrid trailer are the following: unfastening the beds, unfolding the tent, inserting the pole, etc. These will take a few minutes, not more than 10.

I have heard some opinions and experience exchanges. People were telling me to take things slow. Owners of hybrid trailers described the setting up process to be unpredictable time wise.

They said that it can be anything from 5 to 20 minutes. However, all of those people were just in love with their hybrid camper trailers.

However, I still have one problem with this trailer. When we decide to camp and stay overnight for just one night, the setting up process seems in vain.

Incoming noise

When you have a quite generator, such as Yamaha or Honda, there is less to worry about. However, the incoming noise can always refer to the camper neighbors.

Moreover, there is a good manufacturer called Champion. Check out my review on Champion 75537i.

I can say for sure that it will not be quite during the night. The canvas material of hybrid camper trailers are always light. No matter how expensive a hybrid trailer can be.

Nonetheless, the isolation is nonexistent.

Sleeping conditions and mattress size of a hybrid trailer

The bunk beds in hybrid camper trailers take time to set up. The original mattresses can be folded and transportation becomes easier.

However, if you have decided to upgrade the mattresses and get bigger taller ones, you will have to take them out every time and with the help of the dinette, get them back onto the beds.

I do find this quite uncomfortable, honestly. However, if you have committed to your hybrid, there will be certain sacrifices to make.

Sleeping conditions and mattress size of a hybrid trailer

Various weather conditions with hybrid campers

It is no secret that hybrid camper trailers are not the best choices when it comes to camping under severe weather conditions. This includes both cold and hot weathers.

You can, of course, get Reflectix for your hybrid RVs. Moreover, there are these so-called insulation canvases, which create for comfort for your trailer.

However, there is very little help from these two options. Hybrid camper trailers are definitely not similar to travel trailers with their durability.

Therefore, I advise not to expect great protection from bad weather.

Nonetheless, there are areas such as CA or FL, where you have mild winters. In this case hybrid travel trailers are great options for camping.

Despite the fact that in certain areas the weather is mild in its cold and hot expressions, the air conditioning works twice as less powerful as on a regular RV.

Condensation problem with hybrid camper trailers

Honestly, this is not just hybrid travel trailers issue. All types of RVs have this problem. However, in the case of hybrid RVs, there is an easy solution of keeping the canvas zipper slightly open.

Moreover, you can keep one of the windows open to make sure the air is flowing in and out and not leaving any moisture inside.

I have had the bad experience of facing my mattress completely being wet after just a one-night trip. The underside of the mattress was totally soaking wet.

Make sure to check out my review on class A campers and class C campers.

Privacy issues of hybrid travel trailers

I have already talked about the insulation problem with hybrid RVs. One point, which for certain people can be crucial is the soundproof quality of the RV.

Any noise coming from your hybrid will definitely be clearly hearable for the neighbors. The simple action of opening a can or a normal tone conversation will be available to others.

Privacy issues of hybrid travel trailers

Unloaded weight of hybrid camper trailers

Due to the special material, from which the bunk beds are made of in most hybrid camper trailers, the total weight of the RV is unspeakably lower than regular travel trailers.

Hybrid travel trailers frame is the same material as the rest of the trailers. However, since many items inside are foldable, this gives room for the weight to be less and lower.

If you follow up on my updates, there is a whole article on camper weight. You will see how this affects the towing capacity of your vehicle.

The true camping spirit with hybrid campers

Way before all kinds of RVs and travel trailers were invented, people would go into the woods with tents and feel the closest to the nature.

With the modern vehicles, it is no longer possible. However, the hybrid RVs really do keep the spirit of the nature alive.

You can hear the noises during the night, birds singing early in the morning. This makes you feel as if you are really camping.

Comfortable facilities of hybrid camper trailers

Despite all the disadvantages of hybrid travel trailers, there are certain pros. Unlike tent trailers, a hybrid trailer does have modern bathrooms and showers.

Moreover, a microwave oven and a TV are common occurrences for a hybrid trailer.

Water resistance of hybrid campers

Let’s get one thing straight. You cannot expect your hybrid campers canvas to be completely waterproof. However, it will definitely be resistant and not let moisture in.

However, during rain there is a possibility of leakage happening. This occurs between hybrid campers frame and canvas.

Water resistance of hybrid campers

You will be seeing a lot of Sun

If you have decided to go camping and it is summer, be prepared to seeing a lot of Sunshine and Sunlight. May be a bit more than you would want.

Since the canvas of hybrid RVs is not totally transparent, the rays will get inside and wake you up sooner than expected.

In contrary, in the case of regular travel trailers, all there needs to be done is just close the window and the curtains. The total darkness will help you sleep in the morning as much as you want.

Sleeping area of hybrid campers

A huge advantage of a hybrid trailer is that the beds, both bunks and corner beds are queen size. These is no single person bed.

Unlike regular trailers, this gives you more comfort for sleeping. Since the sleeping area is one, you can have children sleeping in one bunk bed and the parents in the other. This is actually very convenient.

Maintenance of hybrid travel trailers

If someone tells you to get a hybrid trailer for the sole reason that the maintenance is cheaper, do not believe them at all.

By the way, you can check out our article about the best tips on getting a new trailer.

You are going to spend equal amount of time, money and effort on both options of RVs. The two components of hybrid RVs are the frame and the materials from which the interior is made of.

Of course, the fabric is prone to getting ripped, torn, punctured and so on. However, the cost of the replacement will be very mild.

The second component is the frame, which is made of the same material as the regular trailers. There will not be much difference between getting hybrid camper trailers fixed and regular trailers repaired.

Ventilation of a hybrid trailer

Unlike regular RVs, hybrid campers have the possibility of simply unzipping the canvas and the corners of the trailer. This way you will get a natural air circulation.

Of course, regular trailers can create a similar action by opening up all the windows.

However, the results will be extremely different from when opening up windows and the complete rooftop cover of the trailer.

Security of hybrid travel trailers

When camping on site of forests or other areas where wild animals may reside, there is always the possibility to attract them with the smell of the food.

Bears and wolves are the most common occurrences. Therefore, do not be surprised if you hear any noise around the campsite closer to the night.

With a regular camper, the problem is not that serious. Meanwhile, we have talked about the soft material of hybrid campers. They are easy to get ripped, especially by a wild animal.

Moreover, the smell of the food would get out of the hybrid campers easier than from the RVs.

Flexibility of hybrid camper trailers floorplans

There cannot be a second opinion on this great advantage of a hybrid trailer. I am talking about the living area spreading.

Most of the time hybrid campers have a minimum of 2 pop ups. However, this does not mean that you cannot make them more. This gives you the choice of either making the area bigger or smaller.

Of course, the regular campers will not give you that luxury.

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