Coachmen Pursuit 33BH: My Personal Review on This Model

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Anyone who is in the middle of making a decision regarding what RV they want to buy are in a desperate need of some real advice. This is exactly what my article will be about.

I would call myself a detail-oriented person. I have done my research thoroughly. The progress of me choosing my new RV is about half way.

Therefore, being already familiar with multiple aspects of the coachmen RV 33BH, I can share my experience and knowledge.

Moreover, I have already had the chance to drive one and this article will include my impressions on that experience as well. Honestly, hoping that this review will be helpful for people such as I am, who are looking into RV pursuit.

Coachmen Pursuit 33BH: My Personal Review on This Model

Thorough list of advantages and disadvantages of coachmen pursuit 33BH

The very first thing people wonder about a product is always the price. It is natural a nobody can deny it. From this point of view coachmen motorhomes 33BH are quite reasonable.

The price falls between $80K and $95K. This is for a brand new one. However, if you turn on your negotiation skills, you might get yourself a decent discount.

Moreover, the sleeping area is organized very comfortably. The bunk beds and loft area is a drop-down. Therefore, you do not have to set up the area every day.

My experience of driving this vehicle gave me the idea of how easy it is to drive. The length is perfect. Even a very inexperienced driver would be able to deal with it.

However, there is a down side to everything. RV pursuit 33bh is no exception.

The first thing that comes to mind is the interior. The original design is quite outdated. As a result, you will most probably spend money on redecorating it.

Moreover, many buyer will find the awning area to be extremely small.

Additionally, the coachmen RV is too loud when driving.

Some insight on exterior of coachmen pursuit 33BH

rv pursuit Coachmen Pursuit 33BH: My Personal Review on This Model

Coachmen RV 33BH is the biggest RV from the line. Its length is 32.7. It gives you enough room for adjusting the interior to your convenience.

Moreover, the size is compatible with the majority of the National Park campground parking areas. This is a very useful information, since there have been more than two incidents when people would come to a campground and not be able to park their RVs.

Additionally, the placement of the dump pipes is crucial for when you decide to camp during winter. In the case of Coachmen Pursuit 33BH, those pipes are cloistered completely.

There are numerous models of coachmen motorhomes, which have their dump pipes installed underneath the car. They are exposed to the outside. This leads to them being frozen during winter.

RV pursuit interior specifications

The original design of RV coachmen 33BH is not the most attractive option you will find in the market. Checkered floor is the first thing that strikes the eye. It look very uncomfortable.

Moreover, for some unknown reason the headboards of the beds are shaped into a weird seashell shape. There is an illusion of extreme vintage, which is too much.

However, the interior has its good qualities. The spaciousness is more than enough to live in these coachmen motorhomes.

Loft area of coachmen pursuit 33BH is “foldable”. Therefore, as I have already mentioned, there is no need to set up the sleeping area all over again for every night.

Coachmen RV flooring and floorplan

To me personally, the most striking advantage of this coachmen pursuit 33BH is its spaciousness. These coachmen motorhomes have the capacity to fit 8 adults.

The area is equipped with a queen size bed, a bunk bed, a dinette, which is folded down when needed and a loft area.

Moreover, the placement is very smartly strategic. The sofa and the dinette are on the different ends of the RV pursuit. Therefore, having a conversation sitting in a sofa, with someone who is on the dinette is quite comfortable.

In most cases, RV interiors are placed very uncomfortable. All the furniture is side by side. This does not allow to see people who are with you in the RV.

Additionally, the mechanism by which the bunk beds operate is significantly contributing to the comfort of this coachmen RV. These bunk beds open up by sliding through the bedroom closet. This gives you more than enough space for the hall.

I strongly recommend having a look at this RV pursuit with folded interior. The space is visible clearly. The hallway gives you the chance to make a quick run to the bathroom and back to the kitchen area.

Specifications of coachmen pursuit 33BH

There is a TV in the resting are, right in front of the sofa. Unfortunately, I find this TV to be too small. It is only 32 inches. My experience in RVing proved that I constantly enjoy sports events, just lying down on the sofa of my coachmen motorhomes.

However, this TV will not let me enjoy the programs too much.

Nonetheless, the generator that comes with this coachmen RV is a 2200 Onan, which has 50 AM service. This amount is more than enough to supply all the facilities in the vehicle.

For those who constantly forget about where their gas tank is (my cousin is hopeless with this issue), RV pursuit models come with their gas tanks in the back. This allows you to use gas fillers form both sides.

Automatic leveling is a modern feature, which most manufacturers use nowadays. Coachmen pursuit 33BH is not exception. This feature is a great addition to all the advantages of this RV.

Since all RVs, in general, are pretty big, they need additional sights and viewpoints, in order for you to be able to park it or go through a small area.

Therefore, coachmen motorhomes have back and side cameras. There is no need to install them. They pop up on their own, when you decide to turn to either side and the signal is on.

What is hiding under the hood of coachmen motorhomes?

Well, for those who are true fans of RVs and coachmen pursuit 33BH series, this should not come as a surprise. The base of RV pursuit 33BH is Ford V10 Triton chassis, as well as he engine. Almost all RVs, which have their power from gas, have the same installation.

All drivers know that the all-around accepted way of car engines is petrol power. However, RVs and many other bigger sized cars are powered by gas.

Frankly, people have controversial opinions about gas powered vehicles. Some claim it to be dangerous, others say it presses down the potential of the car.

However, when you are driving a massive vehicle, such as coachmen motorhomes, the disadvantages become significantly less.

Let’s proceed to what makes this vehicle operate.

As I have already mentioned, the engine is a Triton, V10 Ford F series super duty. This engine has 10 cylinders and 320 horse power. The torque is 460 ft-lbs.

Displacement is 6.8 liters. We have, of course, mentioned that the fuel type is gas. However, the petrol requirement is regular.

Coachmen RV transmission is by the brand Torq Shift, 6 speed automatic. It has the option of overdrive.

The driveling type is 4×2. RV pursuit has 1 propane tank, which has the capacity of 20 gallons.

I have already talked about the automatic leveling. These models have both front and back leveling jacks.

About the company Coachmen

My personal love and respect towards this company comes because of their approach to their products. There is no one person on the planet who understands RVs and their manufacturers and would say that Coachmen in a high-class company.

In contrary, I am talking about a lower than a mid-class manufacturer. The good thing about them is that they stand by what they create.

Nonetheless, being a mid-class company, Coachmen motorhomes enjoy all-around respect in the RV manufacturing industry. They have their special place in the market.

One of the aspects why this company is so beloved is their experience in creating RVs. They have been in the market all the way since 1964. During all this time the manufacturers have gained their trust in customers.

Forest River, one of the most popular and the largest RV manufacturing company bought Coachmen in 2008.

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