Top 21 RV Accessories Necessary For Being Fully Equipped For Camping

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When it comes to RV accessories there are several groups of items you will find yourself looking at. Certain accessories are definite necessities for camping.

Meanwhile, you can simply purchase products for solely making your camping and RVing life easier. Of course, these products may as well be inseparable parts for your RV.

Therefore, I have made this convenient list of products and accessories for your RVs and your camping experience in general.

By following the article, you will find everything necessary, all the supplies you may need for any occasions. This is in order for you not to forget anything when going for this important shopping.

Top 21 RV Accessories Necessary For Being Fully Equipped For Camping

Sewing hose

You might think that this can in no way be included in the essentials of a camper. However, a good quality sewer hose can come in handy quite often.

The first thing your hose is going to become your best friend is for dumping the waste water from the RV. Nobody likes doing that job with tanks and other containers.

In RV accessories sewer hose is among the essentials for sure. However, there are certain criteria for buying your sewing hose.

First of all is the length, which is the most suitable and useful for you. In my own experience, 15 meters is the ultimate comfortable umber for hoses as RV accessories.

I have had experience with both 10 and 20 meters. However, both were not as practical as the 15 meter one.

The second feature of your perfect RV hose is its transparency. I have had countless accidents when disconnecting the hose and dumping water all over the place because I did not know if there was any water inside the hose.

This feature allows you to be prepared for any situation.

Finally, the durability will play a big role if you are RVing constantly. As often you plan to use the hose, as stronger the material has to be.

It is possible that your sewing hose my rip from stepping on it several times. In this case you will have to but another one.

In addition, I found out that most RVs have hose storage place on the bumpers. In my experience, the hoses fit almost always, but to avoid any surprises, make sure the attachment pieces are suitable for your RV bumper.

Nitrile gloves

In the process of dumping any tanks from the RV, there is a big chance you might get in contact with whatever is inside of the tank.

This may result severe consequences, as well as simply bad smell or hurting yourself. You can choose the option of buying simple latex gloves from your grocery store.

Top 21 RV Accessories Necessary For Being Fully Equipped For Camping

However, I guarantee that you will waste all the money invested in those gloves. They are not durable and not fit for heavy duty work like nitrile gloves are.

Certain conditions for buying RVing gloves

The very first and probably the most important point is the material, which should be nitrile, not latex. Nitrile is relatively durable and can sustain puncture and other damages, while latex is more vulnerable to outside force.

Moreover, many people have allergies and those include latex allergy. In the case with nitrile, this is not a problem at all. The material is synthetic rubber.

Additionally, the thickness of the gloves plays a huge role. My personal favorite is 8 millimeters thickness. However, 6 millimeters are not so bad as well.

I am lucky enough to have not encountered my gloves ripping while working in them.

Also, the length is no less important when it comes to heavy duty gloves. When working with liquid you are facing the risk of getting some inside the gloves.

9 inches long gloves, to me, are the most convenient ones. They cover the wrist as well, not letting your hands exposed to whatever you are working with.

Finally, I would recommend you getting disposable gloves from nitrile. They are not as expensive as you may think. Additionally, you will not have to deal with the cleaning process after every use.

RV toilet products

In case you miss on this point, the ride will be a guessing game of who is responsible for the smell. On a more serious note, toilet deodorizers help eliminate the smell and they serve as antiseptics for the bacteria.

Dumping the toilet tank is a really nasty occurrence. Therefore, try at your best to avoid the scenario. There are countless products with a huge variety of prices.

Do your research and find what is best for your own case.

RV toilet paper

Toilet paper is among the products, which people often forget to buy and regret about it immediately.

Moreover, if you are new at all the camping and RVing processes, you might now be aware that the regular toilet paper you buy for your house cannot work for your RV.

There are special biodegradable papers, suitable as RV accessories. They serve to make sure the black water tank does not get clogged up.

I am absolutely positive that this is a piece of information everybody who goes RVing would love to know in advance, before their RV toilet gets clogged up.

Fresh water hose

Apart from your sewing hose, you will also need a fresh water hose as your RV accessories. This is not the garden hose you use for your house.

Finding good drinking water is often a problem in camping. Therefore, you should approach the subject carefully. Most of the time you will find fresh water hoses made of Phthalae and PBA free PVC lo lead level parts.

This is for the products to be safe for people.

I hope that this one is clear for everyone, but nonetheless, do not ever store the sewing and fresh water hoses together. There should always be a some sort of barrier between them.

Water filter

As I have already mentioned, finding fresh drinkable water can sometimes be a problem in camping. Therefore, the presence of a water filter as your RV accessories is essential in so many ways.

The filter makes the water taste better, as well as makes it safe for people to drink. It is not always that you will be certain the water is totally clear.

I recommend you to consider water filters, which are in line. This means that they have the capacity to connect the fresh water hose and the RV directly.

Moreover, finding a flexible hose protector will make the life of the filter longer. It will prevent any stress on the connection point of the hose.

Water hose elbow

This a very useful and simple accessory. This piece of equipment will prevent your hose and the insertion hole from getting damaged because.

Since in most cases the intake is made of plastic and the hose tip is made of metal, these two have a hard time cooperating.

Water pressure regulator

Pressure leaks and pipe plumbing are very unpleasant problems during camping. Therefore, water pressure regulator in your RV accessories is an extremely useful device.

Every RV has its own psi of water entering the camper. Most of the time, for new and unused RVs the number is 60 psi. Meanwhile, the older and a little used campers require 50 psi.

Frankly, you will not have the chance to know the water pressure entering the RV from the campground. It is different everywhere.

Trying to guess the pressure and adjusting the spigot can be a very bad choice. Once the leakage starts, you have already a damaged hose and probably a filter.

However, do not rush to buy any pressure gauge. The one you really need is an adjustable regulator, which will allow you to control the psi of the water entering the RV.

You can know the exact number, which is suitable for your RV or just put a reasonable number, in order not to damage your RV accessories.

Electric surge protector

Just like a water pressure regulator, this surge protector serves to make sure the voltage in your RV does not go up too high or drop down too low.

There are many electric appliances in the camper, such as a TV, refrigerator, microwave and so on. You need to make sure they do not get damaged all at once.

Sheet set for short queen size bed

You might wonder about the word “short”. I will explain. The regular queen size bed and the sheets required for it are the following: 60 by 80.

Meanwhile, short queen is about 5 inches shorter than the regular one. This is the size, which is found in RVs for the most cases.

At first sight, such a small difference in number might not play a big role. However, I assure you that if you were planning on using your home sheets, they will not work as good as you may think.

It can be quite frustrating when the bottom sheet is loose. There is a big variety of bed sheets on Amazon. You can find all the colors and materials you want to feel in your RV bed.

I advise to look at sheets with deep pockets, which will hug the mattress completely and not be loose or hang from the bed.

Waterproof sheets for children

In case you are travelling with little children, a waterproof mattress will help you out a lot. They can go outside to a lake or a river and come back to the trailer all soaking wet.

If you have the waterproof mattresses, the problem will be solved itself.

Quality mattress as RV accessories

In case you are considering spending more than 2 days in your RV, then you should definitely get a good quality mattress for the sake of your back pain.

I found out the in bad way that RV mattresses are not the most comfortable options for a healthy back. Getting up in the mornings was a torture for me when I did not yet have my own mattress.

I have made the mistake of buying a mattress pad, which was basically a top sheet. This one did not provide any support. So, be thoughtful before deciding to save on your RV mattress.

Quality mattress as RV accessories

After that I have decided to get a great quality memory foam mattress, which was actually 4 inches thick. This allowed me to wake up in the mornings feeling good about myself.

Portable power generator

Any RV of any type, it can be a pop-up, a fifth wheel or a regular travel trailer will definitely need a good quality power generator.

It is not realistic to power all the devices from the vehicle directly. Therefore, I suggest you do your research and find the best brand for your preferences.

Moreover, consider quite generators. This will make sure there are no problems with your neighbors, as well as getting a good night sleep.

Leveling blocks

This one goes among the RV accessories, which serve to make your life easier. I always level the camper before going to sleep. Being the kind of person who does not like to have his feet higher than the head, this specific accessory was a must-have for me.

This helps my sleep to become more comfortable and relaxing.

Wheel chocks

Many of my friends think of wheel chocks as RV accessories, which are useless. They are completely happy with putting stones under the wheels and being sure nothing will happen.

I, on the other hand, am a very precise person. If something needs to be done, it has to be done in the best possible way. Wheel chocks will prevent your camper from rolling when everything is set up.

My advice is to get a bright color pack. This will help you not to forget them in the campground when packing.

Fire extinguisher

I believe this goes without saying that having this specific piece of accessory is not a choice, but an obligation. When you buy a new camper, the manufacturers will give you a brand new fire extinguisher.

However, in the case of used trailers, you will have to get a new one. This will make sure the product works perfectly and will not betray at the worst moment.

First AID kit

Just like with the case of the fire extinguisher, the law binds all the drivers to have a government standard issued first AID kit.

In reality, this item is very lightweight and therefore it is easy to take it with you outside the camper, for instance, when you decide to go for an early morning walk around the campground.

Emergency roadside kit

Jump start cables, a rope for towing, reflectors and flashlights, as well as so much more items are included in a good roadside emergency kit.

There is a big variety of kits you can purchase on amazon or at your local camping and RVing stores. Some kits have more products, some have less.

However, the most important pieces are the jump start cables, a tow rope, a multi tool and flashlights.

Drill gun

When it comes to repairing something, a drill gun can be very in handy. I suggest you get a standard ¾ socket for leveling.

I can give you the most common and obvious example for needing a drill gun. Changing a tire. It is a real pain to do it without any equipment help.

Damp rid

Since the RV is a closed area, moisture can be easily built up in all the unwanted areas. Especially in the kitchen area. This problem can occur in any RV.

Damp rid will help you prevent any unwanted consequences.

Portable step

These RV accessories are mostly useful for people who are travelling with either children or older people. The distance from the ground to the RV step can sometimes be quite big and uncomfortable.

This step will simplify the lives of those who have trouble with getting inside and outside the RV.

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