Average Travel Trailer Cost. Top 20 Most Common Options for a Camping Life

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If you are interested in this article, it means that you are either looking for your first travel trailer cost or the time has arrived for some updates.

In any case, I guarantee that this article will help you out with the selection process of your trailer.

When staring a research on motorhome cost offers, the first thing you should be attentive to is the companies. There are multiple manufacturers and all of them offer various deals.

Therefore, I did my research and came across several brands, which have affordable prices and quite high quality produce.

Brands such as Forest River, Winnebago and Jayco offer good motorhome cost deals. The great thing about these brands is that they hardly ever cede in quality.

My experience has shown me that the first and foremost thing to look at is the brand. Only after you have chosen the brand, you can concentrate on the models.

The second point is the type of the RV you are looking for. You might think that the one you would prefer is not possible to find with an affordable price.

However, trust me on this. There is always some seller who is ready to bargain and give you a good travel trailer cost.

Let’s get stated on multiple examples of amazing camper trailer cost deals. I hope you will be more goal oriented after reading this article.

Rockwood A213HW High Wall

I decided to especially mention this motorhome cost due to its because of its floor plan. I came across this wonderful trailer through the website of Forest River.

This RV comes with inserted floor lights. It goes amazing with the all in all layout. Privacy curtains and aluminum wheels attract many who consider this trailer.

Moreover, there is a grill included in the price. The price that I am talking about is 17.000$ for a brand new one. Of course, the used motorhome cost is cheaper: 12.000$.

Average Travel Trailer Cost. Top 20 Most Common Options for a Camping Life

However, the difference is not that much and just to be certain that everything is intact, I would recommend going for the new one.

The so called “High Wall” Rockwood is some sort of a transformer. It has automatic roof lift system, as well as the option of having both a king size bed and two separate beds.

Jayco 10SD Jay Sport

The good thing with Jay Sport products is that all models come with a warranty of 5 years. This ranges from the floor to the roof, the frame of the camper and all the platforms.

You can find this model at 15.000$ in a brand new condition. Meanwhile, the used motorhome cost may vary from 9.000 to 10.000$.

Additionally, this pop-up trailer is for party lovers. It has internal and external speakers. The capacity of the trailer is pretty decent for its size. There is a place to sleep for 5 adults.

Rockwood HW277 High Wall

This one has earned a place among the expensive options. The motorhome cost for a new one is 23.000$. It is not that cheap compared with other options.

However, it is definitely worth the price. You can find everything that is in the Rockwood A213HW High Wall with additional features.

Moreover, this RV has a lifting mechanism, as well as more and larger windows. This is very comfortable for getting natural light inside the camper.

Hiker Highway Deluxe Trailer

Teardrop camper trailer cost is always more affordable. This choice is known to be the perfect option for two people. It is small enough to enjoy sleeping next to each other and big enough to have a comfortable good night sleep.

As I have mentioned, this travel trailer cost is pretty great and you can save with getting a used model. You would have to pay about 5.000$ for a new one and about 2.500$ for a used one.

Average Travel Trailer Cost. Top 20 Most Common Options for a Camping Life

I recommend considering the website Hiker Trailer. This way you will get to control the camper trailer cost. The feature of the website to create your own model with whatever design you want is very convenient.

It allows you to pick up the colors, panels, wheels and so much more. If you use the tools smartly, you may get a brand new trailer with a used travel trailer cost.

Classic Timberleaf Teardrop Trailer

TImberleaf motorhome cost is about 19.000$ for a new camper. You can get yourself a deal for about 14.000$ if you consider a used one.

My personal favorite among teardrop trailers is this option right here. It gives you the privacy like no other teardrop model. Besides this, Timberleaf camper is relatively lightweight.

Finally, this model stands out from the crowd. It has a very unique and a creative exterior design.

Airstream Basecamp

Although this is a teardrop model, the price is super high. This motorhome cost is about 45.000$ and 30.000$ for new and used options respectively.

The price is so high because of the all-metal frame and exterior of the camper. However, the capacity of the trailer is just for two people.

Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite 28iBG Toy Hauler Travel Trailer

Except for one difference, Eclipse Attitude Wide Lite 28iBG Toy Hauler RV is pretty much a Fifth wheel camper. The difference is in the big trunk department on this model.

Thanks to the size of the trunk, you can tag along anything like an ATV, a motorcycle, a bike and surprisingly enough it can fit a snowmobile as well.

However, the price is not among the most affordable. This travel trailer cost is 46.000$ for a brand new model. Meanwhile, for a used camper trailer cost it will be 39.000$.

Fuzion 429

Fuzion Toy Hauler series have a great deal of structural guarantee for 3 years. This model is pretty containable. It has a 12.5” trunk storage place.

It comes with included washer-dryer system preparation. The living space contains some double beds and sofas.

The safety features of this RV are amazing. It has a smoke detect alarm, as well as a fire extinguisher. The area is also equipped with general kitchen area, as well as bedroom and bathroom.

This travel trailer cost is 60.000$ for a used model. If you are ready to pay more, then get a new one for 85.000$.

Fuzion 424 Front Porch Triple Air Fifth Wheel Toy Hauler

Fuzion Front Porch camper trailer cost is 85.000$ and 65.000$. Similarly to the previous model, this one as well has a decent containable trunk-garage area.

The weight capacity is 3150 lbs. You have the options to choose and get a patio, as well as the Solar Flex Package. The camper has a Bluetooth feature as well.

Prime Time Crusader 320 DEN

You should really think about this thoroughly. It is a whole house on the wheels. The price is relatively high. This motorhome cost is 70.000$. You can save just a bit and get a used one for 45.000$.

Nonetheless, it does not change the obligation of commitment. It takes a lot of resources, money and time to take care of this camper.

Forest River Cardinal Luxury 3750BKX

Just like the previous Fifth Wheel RV, this model stands out with its striking exterior of the highest quality frame.

The travel trailer cost is 95.000$ for a new RV. The used models may vary from 60.000$ to 80.000$. Depending on the season, you can have the chance of getting a pretty amazing deal on this model.

The word “luxury” in the title says a lot about the class and the quality of this camper. The capacity is mesmerizing. Just the grey water tank is 80 gallons.

Heartland Big Country 3902 FL

The built in set up with entertainment hall and a fireplace put this product to a whole other level. The camper trailer cost is 102.000$. You will be able to save at least 30.000$ if you buy a used one.

Winnebago Minnie Winnie 31D

You can easily fit 7 people in this trailer. The sleeping capacity is more than enough for this amount of people to have a good time and enjoy themselves.

This motorhome cost is 107.000$. Not the cheapest option indeed. Nonetheless, there is always a chance to pay less and get a used one.

In this case the camper trailer cost is 80.000$.

The capacity is crazy big. The freshwater tank, however, is only 45 gallons.

Forest River Forester 2291S

Due to the space and volume of this trailer, you have the options of turning the place around and make some changes.

The entertainment center can become a bunk bed, for instance.

This travel trailer cost is 110.000$ and 80.000$.

Jayco Greyhawk Prestige 29MVP

This one is among those options, which remind you of your home. LITERALLY! The area is humongous. A big front widow is a direct light source.

For a new model, the motorhome cost will be 130.000$. For a used one, you would have to pay about 105.000$.

Winnebago Travato 59G

The official website of the manufacturer will give you a good insight on current produce. At your disposal you have a huge space.

There is a big bed and some more area to put another an extra one.

Winnebago Revel

This is the trailer transformer. Anything you can find in the interior is a subject of transformation. The beds have a lifting system, all the chairs swivel and recline.

Regarding the exterior, there is a nicely designed patio, along with the porch light.

Airstream Interstate Grand Tour EXT

Since the manufacturer is well known Mercedes Benz, the travel trailer cost is set accordingly. 175.000$ for a new one and 100.000$ for a used one.

The safety is a number one priority for these RVs. The smooth ride is guaranteed. You will also be able to enjoy a luxe class kitchen with all the facilities, as well as bedrooms and a bathroom.

Thor Palazzo Class A Motorhome 33.2

The automatic start of the generator is what makes this model stand out, really. However, my favorite feature is its Solar charging system.

The camper trailer cost is pretty high. About 235.000$ and 190.000$.

The layout is thoroughly designed. It gives you a lot of space, not reducing any of the utility areas.

Newmar Dutch Star Class A Motorhome

Well, of course, if the class A is present in the title and the name of the RV, than you can expect both great features and the most comfortable conditions.

However, everything has its price. In this case the camper trailer cost is 380.000$. The difference between a new and an old one is significant. The used models are about 240.000$.

One of the many things I greatly appreciate about this model is its wheelchair access lifting system.

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