Champion 75537i Inverter Generator: Personal Review From an Owner

champion 75537i CAMPER EQUIPMENT

The Champion 75537i is the kind of RV accessory, which has easily won a place among the essentials. The capacities of this generator are mesmerizing.

Among Champion inverter generators, the 75537i model is definitely the most worthy one. At least that is my own opinion. I have had this Champion generator for over two years.

Hope that my experience with this Champion RV generator would be enough to give you a worthy review.

I am going to talk separately about all the pros and cons of Champion 75537i generator.

Champion 75537i Inverter Generator: Personal Review From an Owner

Body features of Champion 75537i

External capacity of Champion 75537i

The very first thing that comes to mind about this Champion inverter generator is the fact that it is extremely suitable and practical for caring around.

It is intended to be easy and comfortable to carry this Champion generator around. The fact that it only weights 95 lbs is already a winning feature.

Moreover, this Champion generator is designed with two handles, which make the carrying that much easier. Additionally, the inserted wheels are a very thoughtful decoration for this Champion RV generator.

Due to the external frame of Champion 75537i this model of generator is durable. It can withstand severe cold weathers, rainfalls and snow.

The above-mentioned frame is so durable that it keeps the engine warm. This serves to elongate the life of your Champion generator.

Sound and noises of Champion 75537i

When considering an RV generator, the sound is one of the key aspects you need to concentrate on. Special importance comes to view when you are going to campgrounds and plan on using your Champion RV generator.

My own experience with this Champion 75537i has shown that this is more than just an appropriate Champion inverter generator.

However, I would definitely not say that this is the most quite piece of machinery that I have owned.

So, I can say for sure, that I have not had any complaints from my neighbor campers when I was using my Champion generator.

I am sure many of you know that the loudness of a sound is measured via decibels. The number for the Champion 75537i 55 decibels. The closes thing to this number is a normal conversation.

Therefore, this Champion generator simply feels like another person talking at a regular tone and loudness.

champion inverter generator Champion 75537i Inverter Generator: Personal Review From an Owner

The power capacity of the Champion inverter generator

This Champion RV generator is powered with a single button push. It has about 3100 wattage of power when starting. It decreases up to 2800 when operating.

Champion 75537i operates with a single cylinder engine of 177 cc. Honestly, due to its capacities I was impressed with the efficiency of this Champion inverter generator more than once.

The most vivid thing that strikes the eye and says much about the quality for this Champion inverter generator is the fact that it provides clean energy.

Moreover, the more this Champion RV generator works the cleaner the energy gets. This way the machine does not lose its power. In contrary, it provides more over time.

What I mean by clean energy is that the Champion inverter generator will provide you consistency when powering the utilities.

All my family appreciates the capacity of this Champion inverter generator. They can trust their sensitive electronic devices to this machine. The reliability is an important factor for this Champion RV generator.

All products of Champion are guaranteed to be appropriate for camping lifestyle. Its weight and size make this machine a convenient accessory for occasional camping as well.

champion generator

The fact that it can withstand any weather, what so ever, deserves separate applause.

What concerns the technical capacities of Champion 75537i, it has a 120V 30 AMS outlet, two 20 AMP household outlets, as well as a 12V DC outlet.

Finally, the reason you can easily trust your sensitive electronic devices to this Champion inverter generator is its THD rate, which is less than 3%.

Fuel usage. General performance of the Champion RV generator

There are so many aspects, by which the manufacturers have amazed me with this Champion RV generator. The fact that a generator has an economy mode is already a plus, which serves to increase the efficiency.

Due to this feature, the rotations of the engine decrease. Therefore, this is good for economizing the energy. As a result, you will spend less fuel.

I greatly appreciate this feature. I now have the chance to use my Champion RV generator for a longer period of time with just one fuel filling, instead of several.

The machine has the capacity of 2 gallons. The manufacturers claim that in the economy mode, the generator will provide power for a continuous 8 hours straight with one tank filling.

However, my experience has shown that it can go for a good 5 to 6 hours when I do use the air conditioning. Nonetheless, I find these results pretty amazing, considering the wattage of the generator.

Another point, which can also be crucial for a generator is it consistency when providing power for your camper. I have had incidents with my previous generators, which had dips in output.

However, given the size and the price of my Champion 75537i the power is amazingly consistent and steady. I can sometimes be quite pushing the limits of the capacity of the machine.

When the air conditioning is on and several other strong devices, I do get dips from time to time. Nonetheless, small devices work just perfect with the air conditioning on.

champion rv generator

One extremely important tip on powering your air conditioning with any generator in general. You should be careful with the thermostat set-up.

75 to 80 is okay for when using a generator. However, if the weather is hot and the inside of the camper is as well, the generator will drain all its powers.

The ideal option is to set the temperature to 78 and wait for a little while. The temperature inside the RV will become cooler and you can reduce it slowly.

This way the generator will be safe from any overheating and damage.

Another thing that I was extremely excited about my Champion inverter generator was its remote control capacity. It is a very convenient component, especially when you are using it during rain.

80 feet is the maximum range for the remote control. Keeping the generator outside the camper or a travel trailer will allow you not to go out every time you need to do something on the Champion RV generator.

What can you use this Champion generator for?

When staying in a travel trailer, one of the most important factors is the air conditioning. If the generator is great enough to provide power for the air conditioning, as well as other appliances, then you got yourself a good deal.

If you are a newcomer to the RVing world, then you may not know that the air conditioning takes up too much power. Therefore, you should be careful when using several devices.

For instance, the microwave should not be used the same time as the air conditioning. A couple of lights, as well as the TV are okay to be turned on simultaneously.

Nonetheless, if you understand not to turn on anything else while the air conditioning is on, you will be all right.

How to start up your Champion generator

This Champion RV generator has several ways to start it. I can definitely name one that I have never needed to use before.

The pull cord is just a reserve option for situations when something might go wrong. My experience with turning the Champion RV generator on was never a problematic one.

The next way to turn the machine on is the old-fashioned on and off switch. This is usually how I start the generator for the majority of times.

However, I would like to share some news with you if you do not want to mess up your generator like I did. I thought that there was need to hold the button down and wait until the generator turned on.

Nonetheless, that clearly was not the case. There is, however, a choke switch as well, for when the generator is having trouble turning on. I have never used that one as well.

The on and off switch is the most convenient option for when you are setting up and packing the generator. Those times you stand close to the machine and it is comfortable to turn it on that way.

However, the most fun way to turn the Champion inverter generator on is by the remote control. Since not all generators have the option of remote control, I feel pride every time I use the remote.

I usually put the controller in a drawer of my camper. It is extremely handy to have a controller. When I set up the generator and leave it outside, it is very comfortable to be able to control the power from the inside.

I realized I was lucky when we had a terrible rainfall and needed to control the generator. Even for the night time when you need to use the microwave or it is too hot and you want to turn the air conditioning on, the controller is very handy.

As I have mentioned before the distance is 80 feet. However, there was never a need to use the controller from such a great distance.

I just needed the remote controller to work with the camper windows rolled up and from inside the RV. Both ways are great and the connection is consistent.

Nonetheless, there is one strange thing I had encountered from the manual. It was advised not to start the generator when there already are several devices plugged into power.

I thought it was strange, because it has a 10 second delay when turning the generator on. Therefore, you have time to plug everything in.

I believe that this is mostly a legal issue so to say. It is to prevent any force major situations. Therefore, I have tried to switch the power on with other devices plugged in. The generator worked just fine.

Prices and places to buy the Champion inverter generator

Amazon has always been my all-time favorite place to get new stuff for my camping life. The website is working great. I appreciate their return policy.

It is easy to shop with amazon, because you can always see multiple deals from countless sellers. Moreover, there is no obligation to pay sales tax when getting stuff from Amazon.

I got myself a deal of 965$ for my Champion 75537i. The shipping cost me several extra dollars. It did not make such of a difference.

However, there is an option of getting a no remote control generator, which will cost relatively less. Nonetheless, trust me; you will definitely need the remote.

My friend, who wanted to get a Champion generator, really regretted his decision of buying one from an unknown website for an amazingly lower price.

The generator almost caught fire when we wanted to power two devices from the generator at the same time.

Moreover, my attempts of getting my Champion inverter generator from a local store were pointless, since all the places that were familiar to me did not have the machine in stock.

What was included in the package of my Champion generator

The first thing that greatly disappointed me and I am sure, if you purchase this product it will get to you too, was that they did not include the oil, which was needed for the generator.

I was not that upset because of the price of the oil and not as well because it is a rarity. The needed oil is pretty common and you can find it in most places.

However, it would have been nice knowing that you do not have to make an additional run to a store to get the fuel before heading to the mountains.

10W – 30 is what you need for this Champion generator. 6 liters is the tank capacity for the generator.

The kit also had a USB cable-adapter. This goes inside the cigarette lighter spot. It has been a couple years and I have not yet needed to use this component.

Nonetheless, it is something you will find in the package.

The all in all setting up process is about 15 mins, if you do it calmly and not rushing. I understand that there are many buttons and many plug in spots, as well as inputs and outputs.

However, all there you need to do is to just unscrew the panel on one side, in order to connect the cords and the battery. Afterwards, the oil should be poured in carefully, not to split on the machine.

Thankfully, the owners’ manual has a greatly written English section, which will assist you with the setting up of your Champion generator.

You should take care of your Champion RV generator

The reviews and feedback I personally have and the ones I have heard from my friends and acquaintances were mostly positive.

Nonetheless, there may be some issues and difficulties. Such minor issue for me was that a wheel from the generator came off and was not going well, until I realized what was wrong.

The mechanism, with which the wheels operate, is a cotter pin. In my case, the clipping was not strong enough. Fortunately, it is an easy resolvable issue.

I can simply replace the cotter pin and go on with the generator.

Moreover, the wheels are not that big and they are not convenient in the matter that dirt is easily collected. The machine is breaking on the bumps and has no room for bouncing.

Of course, it is no secret that Champion cedes brands like Yamaha or Honda. However, the prices are fairly different and corresponding to the quality.

Therefore, there would definitely be more problems and issues regarding the maintenance with your Champion, than if you had a Yamaha or a Honda generator.

I would not be exaggerating if I told you that it would have cost me the same amount of money if I was to buy the second Champion generator and either a Yamaha or a Honda model.

Finally, it is recommended to replace the fuel of the machine after 100 hours of working. However, I have used mine another way.

I drained the tank empty and refilled it in the beginning of the next season. The engine works just fine. That recommendation is just a precaution.


To conclude, I can say that I am greatly content with Champion’s produce 75537i generator. It serves good under a reasonable maintenance.

Additional features, such as a remote controller, or additional inputs and outputs are just advantages and winning points when comparing to other brands of generators.

I do recommend getting the Champion 75537i inverter generator.

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