Furrion Wireless Backup Camera System’s Review With Pros and Cons

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If you are an RV owner then you are very familiar with the challenges of owning such a huge automobile. Back view cameras, such as Furrion wireless backup camera, are among the essential components for a travel camper.

You can be an experienced driver for over 15 years. This will never change the fact that driving on reverse, as well as reverse parking are two extremely challenging things.

Therefore, a Furrion RV backup camera is a must-have feature. Nowadays, many manufacturers produce their RVs with already connected RV backup camera schemes.

The reason for this are the countless requests and the general public need to be able to drive their 14000-pound RVs safely.

This Furrion camera is among the little helpers for RV drivers. Its convenient arrangement is crucial for a modern 21st century RV driver.

furrion wireless backup camera Furrion Wireless Backup Camera System's Review With Pros and Cons

I had the chance to evaluate and test diverse models of Furrion. This is how I got to know the Furrion observation camera as well.

This model differs from the regular Furrion RV backup camera. There are some capacity alterations, as well as purposes for utilization.

So, the this device has a 100-meters range. It is intended for using solely for backing up the RV. It gives you a clear vision of the back of the automobile.

Meanwhile, the Furrion observation camera has a 300-meters range. Moreover, it has a high-speed capacity.

What this means is the following. It serves as a back view mirror live. Driving down the highway with high speed, you can utilize the Furrion camera as your back view mirror and see behind the automobile.

Additionally, Furrion wireless backup camera schemes have everything you may ever need for any situation when driving an RV.

Infrared, black and white, color and of course, night vision features are a must for good superiority Furrion camera.

This accessory is equipped with everything necessary for the biggest RVs. It is suitable for even a 100 ft RV.

Furrion camera clear night vision is perfect with its absolutely clear image of about 26 ft distance. Moreover, not all drivers are great with technology and in general, not everyone understands technology. Therefore, the connection of this device is made to be very easy.

You can find anything you may need for setting up your Furrion RV backup camera in the package kit. The mounting bracket, as well as a step by step owners’ manual will do the large half of the job for you.

Moreover, it has the capacity to withstand extreme climates. Equally to Auto vox backup camera, Furrion RV backup camera will operate perfectly during any rainfall and storm.

Nonetheless, nobody and nothing is perfect. Furrion wireless backup camera is no exception. The screen seems to be quite uncomfortable for my own liking.

It is just 4 inches wide, which makes it a little harder to see whatever the display is showing.

Connection and set-up of the Furrion wireless backup camera

I have one great news about the current manufactures of RVs and travel campers. Almost all models of all brands come with pre-wired fittings for Furrion camera schemes.

It is possible that you are like I am. In this case that means that you are not that handy with cable schemes or anything electronic. Furrion RV backup camera set-ups are quite complex too. Nevertheless,  Furrion wireless backup camera would be comfortably suitable for you.

Luckily, Furrion wireless backup camera fitting is much easier than you can envisage. I was able to deal with it in less than 20 minutes.

Honestly, it could have been faster and in a shorter amount of time. Though, I had to face a certain issue.

Before this issue, everything was going great and smooth with my Furrion camera. I removed the screws on the back of my travel camper for the mount.

RV backup camera Furrion Wireless Backup Camera System's Review With Pros and Cons

Then, I screwed them back up with the new Furrion RV camera, as well as the mount. My advice is to consider putting some kind of glue for extra support for the mount.

I chose to utilize silicone with these screws. Besides keeping the mount more secure, there was another reason why I opt for such measurements.

The silicone is a guarantee that no water or moisture can get inside the car. This is especially convenient when driving during a rainfall or in any other cases.

After I put the screws with the mount of my Furrion RV camera, I went to connect the display in my towing car. The fact that Furrion RV backup camera comes already pre-synced is wonderful. This way the camera itself and the screen work with no interruptions.

This is just when I ran into the above-mentioned issue. When I plugged in the screen of my Furrion wireless backup camera, the screen was black and showing nothing.

My first guess was to put the car in reverse. I assumed that the screen would show the back of my vehicle.

Nevertheless, this was pointless and served to nothing. Therefore, I had to waste several minutes, breaking my head to understand what was wrong with my Furrion camera.

I also had the thought that may be the product was defective and I was already thinking about getting a new camera.

I started feeling very stupid when I realized that the camera had nothing to get power from. My car’s battery was dead because of my headlights. I was too busy trying to figure out this camera and I forgot to turn them off.

I jump started the car. The battery was fine, the headlights were operating just great and, of course, the Furrion wireless backup camera was showing everything I needed to see on the screen.

You can purchase your Furrion RV backup camera from…

Frankly saying, there are various means and sources to get a Furrion camera for your trailer. Amazon listings are filled with countless Furrion RV backup camera options.

You can of course, find the all kinds of options. There are small alterations in cost from countless sellers.

You can get your Furrion RV backup camera from…

I suggest you not to economize on this wonderful and comfortable accessory Furrion wireless backup camera.

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  1. Glenn

    Great article.
    I was wondering. Is the Furrion backup camera always on as long as the battery is charged? Or can it be turned off easily so it doesn’t drain the battery?