13 Tips on Getting The Best Deal for Your RVs and Campers

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When purchasing a big product, like a car or a house, the first priority is getting a good deal. Such items and products require as much preciseness as possible when it comes to committing to buying one.

In order to get a good price on your RV there is a number of things that you should mentally, as well as money-wise prepare yourself for.

Moreover, the negotiation skills will come in handy. You should have a good strategy when it comes to buying. Everything counts.

However, the situations are different for when you are buying your first trailer and when you are getting your second or third one.

The difference lies in the experience. In the first case scenario, when you have not yet used an RV, there might be multiple questions, which you would have never thought to ask the seller.

13 Tips on Getting The Best Deal for Your RVs and Campers

However, when you already have experience using RVs, you know for sure what exactly you are interested in.

Additionally, budget is the priority condition for purchasing an RV. I will go through multiple tips on tricks and negotiation strategies to use in order to get yourself the perfect camper.

Keep in open mind

It might just happen so that you are an experienced buyer as I am. In this case, I am sure you have a seller, from who you buy your products.

Most of the time, such relationships help out when it comes to prices. You can easily talk good price with this person, since you know together for a long time.

However, if you opt for sticking to the same seller, it might lead you to buying not the best quality products. The reason is that one person may not always have a wide selection of products.

Therefore, by limiting yourself, you limit your opportunity to buy a good quality product, an RV in our case. Loyalty is always good, but to a certain extend.

The best thing you can do is search the web as thoroughly as possible. There is a good chance you might stumble upon good dealers who are neighbors of your long known seller.

Online dealerships may offer good prices. I have had good experiences working with such entities. I can say for sure that settling for one price and thinking that it is the best option will be a huge mistake.

Brand new is not always a good idea

There is a widely spread misconception that, if you purchase a new product, such as a house or a car, than it means that you invest your money long-term.

However, it is not always the case. This misconception is justified by the thoughts that there should be less work needed to maintain the purchased product.

13 Tips on Getting The Best Deal for Your RVs and Campers

Moreover, people are certain that the newer the purchased product, the longer it will last and serve you. Again, not always the case!

Therefore, purchasing used RVs, as well as campers, will leave you more room for customization and making improvements to your camper, spending less money.

Additionally, purchasing used products is the number one condition when it comes to budget control. You spend relatively less money upfront. This allows you to invest in improvements and customizations little by little.

As a result, you do not spend money all at once and when you do, you target a specific problem and solve it.

No brand

People’s obsession for certain brands is hopeless. It may be for the most diverse items, such as tissues, all the way to fridges and microwaves.

This is mostly the reason why certain brands are always on top and they break all records of sales. The same situation applies to RVs and campers.

No matter the price and the brand, all RVs serve the same purpose. At eh end of the day you have a place to stay and spend the night in a comfortable atmosphere.

I understand that you might have your favorite brand. The desire to buy that exact brand is acceptable.

However, try comparing the brand with others. Look for similar models of campers. It may come to you as a surprise how huge the variety is for these products.

Moreover, there is a big chance you might find the RV or the camper of your dreams with a significantly lower price than you were initially planning on spending.

Let the customization to later

RVs and campers are similar to big houses. No matter how much you repair, there is still some work that has to be done around the premises.

When you realize how much money you have to invest in your newly purchased RV, the disappointment hits all the heights.

However, no matter how stressful you might think the prices are for simply replacing an entertainment center into a mattress bedroom, do not give up on you camper lifestyle.

This issue has a simple solution. The less you invest in your purchase upfront, the more you will be able to spend on its customization and optimization.

travel trailer RV

Therefore, you will have the opportunity to create the RV of your dreams with relatively little amount of money.

Any room and any area can be a subject of change. The process will only give you joy and fulfillment. I can say that from my own experience. Given to the fact that I spent half the money for purchasing my RV than I initially intended to, I was able to make it look and feel like a real home to me.

As I have already said, your camper will become your home. Therefore, you will definitely have improvements to make to it constantly.

Fix up the vintage

It has become very common to buy old models of RVs and campers, in order to make them look like brand new vehicles.

You will be surprised by how many people are interested in this process. Some do fixing up as a hobby and they earn money on it.

However, the prices are not too crazy. Big communities are interested in fixing up old models of cars, bikes, as well as RVs and campers.

Moreover, the question of the price rises again in this case. You will not have to spend much money to buy an old model of RV. Consequently, the opportunity will rise to make that old RV look like a modern style house.

Finance rates

Not everyone can afford buying an RV with their own money, paying cash. The majority takes loans or other deals to purchase such products.

There are several ways of getting such loans. The first and the most logical one is going to your bank. There is a big chance that they might offer you the most optimal packages for finance rates.

However, the situation can be the exact opposite. In this case, the second stop is at the dealership or the dealer themselves.

I keep saying this, but keep an open mind. Do not settle for the first offer at once. In case you get a good deal at your bank, you can easily use that as a leverage to bargain with the dealership offers.

Share with the good stuff

In case you are lucky enough as I was when purchasing my first RV, you will have a friend share the price and the purchase itself with you.

It is similar to timeshare pitch. The difference is obvious: it is an RV!

With the correct scheduling, you can easily both enjoy your purchase. This is in the case you split the cost evenly.

Nonetheless, you can accept a small fraction of the cost, such as the tires of the RV and share the camper upon request.

Moreover, maintaining the RV will become easier than if you were to do it on your own.

Being friendly will help you out

We all know that any dealer is going to do their best to sell you a brand new product, no matter what product it is.

Being friendly is a normal occurrence in this scenario. However, being friends with your dealer is exactly what I offer. The reason is simple: the dealer would want to offer good options to a friend, while you yourself you want to purchase from a friend.

It goes both ways.

Make sure the person sees that you are not being friendly just because of the good deals. If they really start trusting and respecting you, I can guarantee that they will be willing to pull some extra strings in order for you to get a good deal on your RV and camper.

Consider different uses for your RV

Just so that you can imagine the extend you can push your RV to, I would like to share that there are more than 50 ways to use your RV or camper.

RVShare, RVwithME, Airbnb, Outdoorsy and so much more. The possibilities are countless. Each one has its own characteristics and features, both good and bad.

However, the purpose is the same for all these: earn money doing nothing. Your RV can make big bucks by just being there unoccupied by you. Instead, you can rent it in one of the multiple ways mentioned above.

trailer deals

Moreover, this will help you out with any loans you have for the RV. Without having to keep its maintenance too often and spending money on it, you will have the chance to cover the initial costs.

Bravely negotiate and disagree

Most of the time a dealer will come up with an imaginary sale and give you a price, which is 50% higher than the real one. Do not fall for the tales.

The signs saying “low price”, “sale” and “best deals” will get you nowhere. This serves the sole purpose of luring you in to sell a relatively high priced product.

In such cases, be brave enough to argue about the market price. You can bring up some examples of either real or imaginary dealers, who offer lower prices.

This will show that you have done your research and have come prepared. Sellers understand perfectly that the price they offer is nowhere near the market price.

As a result, it is easy to manipulate them and make them offer the real market prices.

Therefore, you can bravely offer half the price they mention. The reality is that, if they see your interest and that you really are willing to pay for the product, they will let their guards down.

You will definitely be amazed with their pricing flexibility.

Attend exhibitions and shows

Imagine online shopping in real life. The first day is all about looking around, seeing what options you have. You start taking notes and asking around to gather more information on whatever products were the most interesting to you.

The next stage is narrowing down to as fewer options, as possible. This will help you make a decision, which will be more thought through and precise.

You are going to be have to wait until the last day of the exhibition. If there are any models that you were initially interested in left in their places, you have hit the jackpot.

The dealer will offer a lower price for the RV or the camper. They want to sell everything they came with to the exhibition.

Therefore, the offers will be a lot better and relatively cheaper.

Wait for the perfect moment

This one is similar to the previous option. There is a time for everything. RVing is one of those hobbies, which require a certain climate and conditions.

Therefore, the best prices await you at the end of the RV season. Dealers are left with older models, which they are in need of getting rid of by selling them.

As a result, their offers and prices become significantly low. Moreover, the loan deals are also affected by the seasonal changes.

This is your time to negotiate and make the deal of your life. The perfect cold season gives you this present in the face of cheap prices and great deals.

Know to say no

There should be no case scenario, in which you should feel obliged to take a deal. No matter what is the relationship between you and the dealer, the pressure would be unfair.

My advice to you is to walk away any time you feel uncomfortable. Even if the dealers has met you with our desirable price, if there are new circumstances, which bother you, kindly walk away.

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