Top 24 Reasons I Would Prefer a Class A RV over a Class C (Detailed Review)

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A recent survey of mine regarding the types of RVs showed that there are big armies of people who would prefer a class A RV over a class C.

I went on asking different dealers about their experiences with buyers. Which options are the most popular ones, which ones are usually either given back or exchanged.

I was honestly surprised with the rates. The majority of the dealers went on telling me that most of the time people will trade in their newly purchased class A motorhomes for class C ones.

Moreover, when someone already has a class A RV, it is a rarity that they come and try to trade their class A campers in. Even if they do, it will be a matter of hours for someone else to purchase their class A motorhomes.

However, I would never exclude the presence of numerous exceptions. Of course, there are too many reasons why you should choose a class C camper.

Top 24 Reasons I Would Prefer a Class A RV over a Class C (Detailed Review)

Nonetheless, the experienced dealers I have talked to, told me that class A campers are way more popular among buyers.

Additionally, people who do RVing full time, mostly opt for class A motorhomes. Let’s not forget that it is not definite and there are many who enjoy their class Cs very much.

No matter what, do your research

I want to strongly recommend to first of all do your research and try out different options before buying one. Moreover, you can easily rent a class A RV for your next trip and test the product to see if it is appropriate for your taste and liking.

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The class A RV has an automatic leveling

Because of the fact that the majority of class C campers are relatively lower than class A motorhomes, certain problems occur with automatic leveling.

The thing is that the jacks are quite big and they simply do not fit underneath the camper. There are, however, certain models, which feature an automatic jack. It is a rarity, nonetheless.

Meanwhile, if it is a rarity for a class C camper to have an automatic jack, it is a rarity for a class A RV not to have one. To my own experience, the feature of automatic leveling is extremely important.

It was more than a couple times when I had problems with stabilizing my camper. Therefore, having the vehicle do it for you is very convenient.

Top 24 Reasons I Would Prefer a Class A RV over a Class C (Detailed Review)

Class A motorhomes provide comfort for the driver

There is a contrast between living areas of class A campers and class C ones. While class C is known for its spacious living area, class A motorhomes offer comfortable space in the driving area.

Since I am the one who is driving around my camper, I would greatly appreciate to have a comfy spot and not to feel squished when driving for longer than 3 hours.

Also, have a look at my review on class C campers.

Storage underneath class A campers

I have already mentioned the problem with class C campers being too low. Therefore, there really is no room to compare.

A class A RV has significantly bigger underbelly storage area. There is no way you can find a class C camper with bigger storage.

However, if you use your trailer solely for camping, I doubt that you would need too much storage, if you do not live in the trailer.

Class A campers are for all weathers

When you buy a camper, you want it to be for all seasons and all weathers. Therefore, a greatly manufactured carcass and frame is a crucial point.

Moreover, the issue is not just with the materials a trailer is made with. The construction of pipes, tanks and other items, which can easily be damaged because of the heat or cold are just as much important.

For instance, a class A RV has the pipes inserted inside the frame. This construction prevents them from being frozen.

A class A RV is much larger

The largest RV, which is a class C RV is the beloved Jayco Seneca. It is 39 feet long. To me, personally, it is bizarre. The average number of class C campers’ length is about 36 feet.

Meanwhile, class A motorhomes are relatively bigger. In comparison between Gulf Stream Constellation and Jayco Seneca, the first option wins by 6 feet, being at 45 feet longs long.

The worst part about this length is that you would have almost no chances to park in national campgrounds.

However, the average length of class A campers ranges from 34 to 40 feet long.

Aerodynamics of class A campers

As I have mentioned, class A motorhomes are bigger and therefore, harder to park. However, the class C models have an uncomfortable cup like face.

This makes the aerodynamics face many problems. The noise of the wind is too much when driving.

Meanwhile, class A campers are fit for great aerodynamics. A little pointy front leaves no room for problems.

Durability of a class A RV roof

I am sure many of you guys know that fiberglass is a significantly more preferable option than rubber. On this note, you should know that most class C campers have a rubber ceiling.

Meanwhile, class A motorhomes are manufactured with fiberglass roofs. This makes the ceiling more durable to various forces. This may include a tree branch falling on it or a simple hail.

Of course, there are numerous exceptions in both cases. However, class A campers do have better roof structures in most cases.

Firmer frame of class A campers

A class A RV has a big chassis. The materials are extremely firm and of the greatest quality. Meanwhile, class C campers can easily be described as trucks.

Reduction in value of class A motorhomes

Due to my thorough survey of trailer prices, I came across the fact that class C trailers lose their value much faster than class A campers. There can, of course, be many exclusions.

The dealers I have talked to gave me the answer that since the class C trailers are of lower rate, people tend to buy them more often.

Be attentive to these common RV mistakes and avoid making them at all costs.

Driver’s view when riding a class A RV

I am sure I have said this before, may be a little often than I should, but I am the one who drives around in my RV. My girlfriend does not know how to drive neither does my brother.

Therefore, it is very important for me to have a clear and nice vision when driving. A class A RV provides me that joy.

In contrast, class C campers block your vision to the sides. Moreover, since the trailer is lower, you do not really get the feeling of driving a tall car.

No area wasted in class A campers

No matter how large the class A motorhomes are, absolutely no space is wasted. Every corner is used to make the living arrangements more comfortable.

The driver’s and the passenger’s seats are spinning chairs. They easily become comfy living room armchairs. This allows the living space to be roomier.

Making driving more fun for the passengers

I have talked about the windshield being bigger in class A motorhomes. This makes the riding more interesting for the people who are in the coach.

Especially if you have children, it would be a great way to capture their attention on the road and get them involved in the whole camping spirit.

Washing and drying facilities in class A campers

This is for those who basically live in their trailers. Having good facilities of washing and drying is a very important aspect when choosing a trailer for a certain lifestyle.

Walking from the living to driving areas

Since the chairs of the driver and the passenger are basically spinning armchairs, this makes the moving process a lot easier.

Once you spin the chair, you are in the living area and vice versa.

However, in the case of class C trailers, you would have to jump over the dog house. Moreover, since the driving area is a little narrow, this brings up some difficulties.

Leakage problems

Over the cabinet is the area, which is the most problematic with class C trailers. I have already mentioned the presence of fiberglass in any class A RV.

Therefore, this very common problem can become a rare case, if you opt for class A motorhomes.

Having a smooth ride with class A motorhome

My advice remains the same: rent a class A RV for the weekend and drive around. The next weekend go for a class C one.

The difference will be more than vivid. You will definitely see that class A campers offer a much smoother ride, than class C ones.

Air temperature in class A motorhomes

A regular class A RV would generally have two air conditioning units. As you have already guessed, class C has just one.

Tank capacity of class A motorhomes

It is, of course, very logical that since the class A campers are larger, more people fit in them, therefore, tanks should be larger.

Additionally, the size of the tanks is due to the available space on class A motorhomes.

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