Top 19 Pros and Cons of a Class C RV: a Good Option to Consider


A class C RV is among the basic classifications of trailers. They are separated into class A, class B and class C motorhomes. We have room for comparison.

Of course, different manufacturers produce their trailers using diverse materials. Therefore, the quality will definitely vary.

class C rv

A class C RV has more sleeping area

Class C motorhomes have an extra bunk bed. It is situated above the front part of the class C RV. Apart from the queen size bed all the way back of the trailer, you will have the chance to enjoy an extra space for a friend or a guest.

Class C campers have more than one exit and entrance

Having more than one exits will serve you for both convenience and safety measures. Three is the exact number for class C motorhomes.

One exit is situated at the driver’s seat, the second one at the passenger’s seat and you have the big entrance/exit from the living area.

Class C campers and the location of gas and brake pedals

This point is best explained by comparing to class A trailers. In class A campers, pedals are tilted towards your right. This makes the driving process a bit irritating.

Meanwhile, class C campers have their pedals perfectly in place, just like all the other vehicles you are used to driving.

Prices of class C motorhomes

A class C RV can be twice as cheap as a class A one. The average price for class A trailers ranges from 50 K to 100 K dollars. Sometimes, you can easily find class A campers worth a million dollars.

However, class C campers would reach 80 K the most. The comparison is for the same length and size campers. Due to the prices, a class C RV is always more in demand than a class A one.

class C campers

Protection from frontal accidents

Class C motorhomes are designed to protect both the driver and the passenger from any potential damage. Since the engine and a big hood are located right in the front of the trailer, the driver and the passenger are protected from the crash.

No matter how big the class A trailers are, they still are not suitable for minimizing frontal crushes.

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Class C campers are fuel effective

Of course, it is impossible to compare and have exact calculations for class A and class C motorhomes. However, I have chatted with more than enough RV drivers to have my answer.

A class C RV will save from 2 to 3 miles for a gallon. When you go on a long trip, the numbers are not the smallest.

Weight comparison between class A and class C campers

In general, class A trailers are bigger and therefore heavier than class C motorhomes. However, to be fair, I have taken two models of the same size and weighted them.

The difference would lie from 3.000 to 4.000 pounds. A class C RV will definitely be lighter.

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Accessing the engine of class C motorhomes

I am sure everyone is used to having their engines in the hood, at the front of their vehicle. A class C RV, just like any other normal car, has the engine right there under the hood.

Since the hood is large and it opens up all the space in front of you, the engine is easily accessible. You do not have to make any extra effort to see certain components of the engine. Everything is right in front of you.

In contrast, class A trailers can be a real pain in this regard. Half of the engine is under the hood, the other half is accessed through the dog house, which is inside the RV.

This makes it harder to see everything. If anything is not working properly, you would have to take apart the front of the car to access all the necessary areas.

Class C campers are lower

For some people it is more comfortable to feel closer to the ground. The feeling is similar to driving a truck. Both the driver’s and the living areas feel lower.

Since the height is similar to a truck’s, the view for the driver is the same as well.

A class C RV is more stable

I am certain that all RV drivers would agree that taking tight turns is the hardest thing ever. Sometimes, it can turn out as the worst accident ever.

Therefore, class C campers are built in a way to be more stable. As you may know, the higher the car, the more are the chances for it to roll over.

Since class C motorhomes are lower to the ground, this makes the vehicle more stable. This means that you need to drive at a relatively high speed and take a turn, in order for the trailer to roll over.

class C motorhomes

Easier to find a parking spot at campgrounds

I have already talked about class C motorhomes being smaller in size than class A trailers. This has one more advantage to it.

All campsites are packed during high season. Therefore, it is extremely hard to find a parking place even with a simple pop up tent on your pickup truck.

Imagine the problem when you go to campsites on your class A RV. The size can really be a problem in this case.

Meanwhile, with class C motorhomes, finding a parking spot is ten times easier.

Class C campers airbags

In general, a class C RV has more similarities to regular cars than class A trailers do. This applies to the existence of airbags in class C campers.

While in class A there are no airbags what so ever, making driving more dangerous, class C motorhomes will make sure to take the crush on the airbags.

Front view of a class C RV

The difference between class A and class C motorhomes is that in the first case the front window is extremely flat. This makes seeing the exact front of the vehicle a little harder.

Meanwhile, class C campers have their windshield a little tilted upwards. Moreover, the hood covers some space of the front. Additionally, since the trailer is lower to the ground, it makes the visibility better.

Better cooling in the driving space

While some people may find the huge size of class A windshields to be beneficiary when driving, let’s not forget that most of the time your trailer will be parked.

Sometimes under a burning Sun, the big windshield allows the heat to get into the trailer very fast. This provokes the inside of the car to be overheated.

You can face very serious problems with your air conditioning system, if this happens. It can either get damaged, or your RV generator will waste too much fuel.

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Travel trailer swinging because of the wind

As you know, the higher the ceiling, the more are the chances for a strong wind to swing the vehicle. This is because of the aerodynamics.

Lower cars always have significantly less chances to roll over, both during an accident and because of a wind.

There are numerous accidents because of this issue. Especially when you drive with rolled down windows, you will only feed the accident to happen.

Getting something fixed on a class C RV

First of all, parts for class C campers are much cheaper compared to class A. This in no case means that they are of lower quality.

Second of all, I have mentioned about the engine being easily accessible. This means that a mechanic’s job is automatically made easier.

Therefore, you can expect to pay less for getting something fixed. Because any work on a class C RV is easier, the mechanics are more. Since their competition is more, the prices are low.

The logical chain is very simple. All class C campers drivers benefit from this.

Whatever you do, make sure you go through a good PDI inspection.

Class C motorhomes have tighter turning radius

Class C campers are easier to take tight runs with. The reason is the tightness of the turning of the trailer itself.

Moreover, the shorter the vehicle, the easier it is to maneuver it.

Class C campers give you less problems with towing

Everything is easier than you think. I am not talking about the construction, or the design of the trailer. The one and only aspect is the weight and size of the vehicle.

I have already talked about this multiple times. A class C RV will always be lighter than a class A trailer. Therefore, any car with less towing capacity will be able to serve as a towing vehicle for your class C RV.

Final thought on class C campers

My experience have shown that many people who travel in big groups and families, tent to buy class A trailers. However, there are multiple pros to class C motorhomes.

I believe that no matter which option you opt for, there will always be the need to feel the product yourself. Therefore, I recommend renting both options and weighting on all the pros and cons for your own liking and taste.

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