My Review on Fort Stevens State Park Camping With Top 11 Points

camping in oregon

In case you would like to experience camping in Oregon, near Astoria, there is this beautiful place called Fort Stevens State park camping area.

The Fort Stevens State park is a very popular place for RVing and camping lovers. In this review, I will weight down all the pros and cons of camping in Oregon Fort Stevens State park.

fort stevens state park camping My Review on Fort Stevens State Park Camping With Top 11 Points

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Location of Fort Stevens State park camping

If you want the exact address of Fork Stevens camping, it is 100 Peter Iredale Road. Since the location is not really in the town or anywhere near it, you will have to use a vehicle to get to some kind of a store.

Moreover, there is no access to WiFi in this location.

camping in oregon My Review on Fort Stevens State Park Camping With Top 11 Points

What sites does camping in Oregon offer

The first news is that there are no 50 amp sites. You will encounter with only 30 amp sites. The good news is that all of them have hook ups.

Fort Stevens State Park camping offers 8 camping loops. Apart from these loops, there are separate ones for Yurts. For those who may not be familiar with the term, those are round tents, which bases are made of wood.

All the sites are paved perfectly. This is for the RV parking to be at its most comfortable. Moreover, there are areas with grass. These are suitable for tents.

Fort State camping in comfortable with its large sites. Additionally, the water supply is very well taken care of. Fort Stevens State Park camping has their own Sani Station.

Moreover, the pressure of the water is very good. Not too strong, not too weak. It is just perfect.

Finally, you can be certain that there will be help at any time during the day throughout the whole Fort Stevens State park camping area.

Fort Stevens camping is packed with staff members and volunteers. These people will help you out in any situation with any question.

Fort Stevens camping attractions

Since the area of Fort Stevens State park camping is enormous, the attractions, as well, are countless. You can find the variety interesting for all tastes and preferences.

Starting with a historical museum, bird watching and finishing with more than 9 miles of biking and hiking trails.

Apart from the extremely interesting historical museum, I have also been to Lewis and Clark National Park. I strongly recommend you visit this place, if you do go to Fort Stevens camping.

The nearby beaches Sunset and Canon are just pure joy during summer. They look amazing. The sand is perfect. I have had the chance to watch the sunset. One of the most amazing memories ever.

The only drawback for me personally was the big distance between the shopping centers. The closest Walmart or Home Depot was 5 miles away.

fort stevens camping

It would not have been such a disaster, if someone else from my family could drive. I was the one who had to drive there 4 times in 2 days.

Pet allowed/pets not allowed

You can freely bring your furry friends of any species to Fort Stevens State park camping. Of course, the regular leash rules also apply when camping in Oregon.

However, unfortunately, there are no areas where you can have your dog off leash when camping in Oregon.

Nonetheless, the last time I went camping in Oregon, it was off-season. Therefore, the area, which is assigned to tents, was completely empty.

Hence, I was able to let my dog run around with out being a burden for anyone. There was nobody to be scared of him and he could bother nobody.

No matter where you go camping, you need to make sure your travel trailer checklist is on point.

Biking and hiking when camping in Oregon

In the big area of Fort State camping, almost all the roads are horizontal to biking and hiking trails. The above-mentioned attractions can all be reached with these trails.

To my girlfriend and me, the most exciting part of our weekend in Fort Stevens State park camping was biking to all the attractions with amazingly set trails.

This is a wonderful feature for camping in Oregon. You basically have access to everything around and you do not have to use any kind of towing vehicle for that. The biggest plus is getting to save fuel.

However, the most beautiful thing was the Lake Coffenbury. The perimeter was amazing. Wonderful fresh air and gorgeous sites.

How easy it is to access camping in Oregon

The driving roads are in pretty good conditions. You do not have to do crazy manuring to get to the Fort Stevens camping. The way is full of signs and posts, which point directly where to go.

The roads of the park itself are very comfortable to use. The width is capable to fit two big RVs riding next to each other. Be ready for a few gentle and smooth speed bumps, just for your own safety.

fort stevens state park

What to expect from the atmosphere of Fort Stevens State park camping

My experience gave me a few chill nights, since it was on October month. I was very pleased to enjoy the Sun during the day. However, it did rain all night long.

People at the park were very friendly. They landed us some wood and tea. The all in all experience was great.

If you are a fan of wildlife, hurry to camping in Oregon. I saw deer at least three times. Once it was right outside our RV entrance. I was surprised to find how social they were, not afraid of people.

Elks were also a common occurrence. Additionally, we were enjoying tree frogs’ singing all day long. You can really have an adrenaline rush during the night. It is so quiet, almost too quiet. You really get the feeling of being in the middle of nowhere in the wild.

The drawback to the lakes around the Fort Stevens State park camping was the constant biting of numerous mosquitoes.

Working staff members of Fort Stevens camping

To ensure the safety of the people, there are rangers on site, always available for extreme situations. The information office works perfectly.

The whole Fort Stevens State park camping is packed with volunteers and staff. I had a very good experience with them. Our reservation name was on the list. We got in no problem.

The volunteers were willing to help with anything, show around the campsite, as well as present the available attractions and other interesting activities.

The amount of money needed for camping in Oregon

You can be certain that the value is worth the Fort Stevens camping. Considering the fact that all the sites have full hook ups, the areas are separated for each type of camping vehicle or gear and the attractions are more to be able to visit them all, the price is perfect.

WiFi facilities when camping in Oregon

Since all the trees are extremely high in Fort Stevens camping, the WiFi connection is not available at all. We were not able to get any Internet for three days.

Even our own local providers’ connection was dreadful. There reception was non-existent at all.

WC facilities: camping in Oregon

A major deal breaker for me when going to various campgrounds with my RV is the washrooms not being clean. You can imagine how many people go to these places and everyone uses the bathroom.

The dirt is inevitable. Therefore, the staff should pay very special attention to these places being clean.

I did not have any bad experience with Fort Stevens camping washing rooms. They were always clean and did not have any disgusting smells.

Moreover, the showers were working perfectly. The supplies for hot water were what it seemed endless.

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