Top 14 Reasons For a Camper Trailer To Be Your First Time RV

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You might be easily confused and overwhelmed with the variety of camper trailer choices in the camping world. We have two main categories: trailers and motorhomes.

The campers, which fall under the second category are much more expensive and they demand a lot of expertise.

Meanwhile, camper trailer options are much less costly. Moreover, it is relatively easier to take care of them.

In case you are seeking the simplest and the most basic option, go with a camper trailer. It is a great choice for a first time RV. It will give you the real experience of owning a camper trailer.

Let’s proceed to the points, which will describe in the most expressive way the reasons you should go with a camper trailer as your 1st choice RV.

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A camper trailer will be less expensive than any other option

Besides the initial price, which you pay when buying your first time RV camper trailer, the maintenance prices and costs are also pretty low.

First time RV price when buying the camper trailer

The average price for a camper trailer is the cheapest among all other types of RVs. As a first time RV, paying that much is the most reasonable thing to do.

Starting from 4K and reaching till 13K is the average range for a camper trailer. Of course, there are certain options, which are way over the range with their price.

However, you can also find camper trailer deals, which will be even less expensive than 4K. usually, these options are the used models, which are not in the best conditions.

First time RV price when buying the camper trailer

I am not saying that 4K is no money and everyone can easily purchase their 1st choice RV with this amount. However, it is relatively less costly than any other type of RV.

The main reason why I am recommending a camper trailer as your first RV is that you can spend less money on making sure if the camping lifestyle is really your thing.

Fuel use of your first RV

This is another point, which I am always very excited about. Since gas is the main component of any vehicle, you should pay special attention to it.

A camper trailer would use at least twice as less gas as any other RV. An average motorhome will use a gallon for each 8 to 10 miles.

Just put the numbers side by side. A car would use a gallon for 11 to 50 miles, while towing your camper trailer. This means at least twice as much of a difference in favor of a camper trailer.

Insurance for your 1st choice RV

A mandatory cost you would have to deal with regardless of the fact it is your first time RV or no, is the insurance with all its component costs.

Camper trailer insurance is not really that different form the one you have for your car. However, there are many aspects, which will affect the cost you pay for the insurance.

Insurance for your 1st choice RV

The first and the most important one is the model and the year when your camper was manufactured. In case of a camper trailer, you will be the lucky one to pay relatively less than may others, who own other models of RVs.

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Travel limitations on a camper trailer

I am sure that at least 90 percent of people who opt for buying a camper trailer are motivated by the perspective of having freedom of driving anywhere and make that place their home.

The open road becomes their best companion. This feeling is at its most when you are having experiences with your first time RV.

However, if you go with a motorhome or any other larger camper, there is a big chance you will be missing out on many of these adventures and open roads.

Travel limitations on a camper trailer

The problems are with countless limitations with larger campers. The roads have certain capacities and sometimes these capacities do not align with the size and weight of you large trailer.

Due to the size and weight of a camper trailer, your first RV experience can be without any limitations and regulations.

It is a common thing to have special weight limitations on bridges and other roads. Moreover, there are many cities, with multiple freeways, which also have height limitations.

However, people sometimes use special GPS programs, which tell you the limitations of the roads and you can avoid them. Nonetheless, this does not change the fact that a camper trailer would make the time spent on the roads shorter.

Moreover, there is no way you can rely on a navigation system all the time. In case you are on your motorhome or other camper types, you still have a good chance of coming by obstacles.

Your first time RV camper trailer is just as wide as your towing vehicle. This makes the passing through narrower streets easier.

Finally, it is not just the problem with streets and bridges. Certain camping sites have limitations on the sizes of campers they allow inside for parking.

If you are driving a 45 feet long camper, there is a good chance you might not be allowed inside certain national parks.

The most vivid example is with CA state. The majority of the trailer parks there have length limitations for the campers. Some of them even allow the most 18 feet long trailers.

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The comfort of driving you first RV

Since we are talking that this will be your first time RV, you will face the challenge of learning how to handle the vehicle.

Depending on your 1st choice RV, learning how to handle the vehicle will either be easy or challenging. It also depends on your experience as a driver in general.

The good news about your first RV camper trailer is that these may be towed using almost any vehicle. Sedans are good to go, as well as bigger tucks and SUVs.

Opting for a camper trailer as you 1st choice RV means that you will not have to rent or buy another car for towing. Your existing car will work just fine.

The comfort of driving you first RV

The rest is pure practice. You need to drive as much as you can. This will make sure you learn to handle the towing vehicle well enough to feel very comfortable driving it.

You may think that motorhomes are easier to drive and with all their extra features, they are more convenient. However, this is not the case at all.

Unless you are a truck or a bus driver, it will take relatively longer to get used to a motorhome or any other big RV. All that you know about parking and turning techniques will seem nothing.

The whole driving school would have to be taken all over again. You may think that I am exaggerating, but even brakes and acceleration are different.

Therefore, no matter that first time RV you opt for, there will still be need to learn to drive it all over again, from scratch.

Nonetheless, in case you go with a camper trailer, the situation is not that aggravating. Of course, you will still need to master certain techniques for towing it, but the work load will be less, for sure.

You do know how to drive your own car, right? Therefore, you will have to deal only with the additional part attached to it.

Additionally, learning to handle a camper trailer will get you closer to learning how to drive a big RV, a motorhome.

General convenience of your 1st choice RV

Of course, I will not deny the fact that a motorhome has many facilities and conveniences that a camper trailer does not have. However, the advantages of your first RV camper trailer will be no less.

People think that if they can drive the vehicle it means they are good to go. Not the case at all! There are too many aspects of owning a camper and calling yourself a true responsible owner.

Parking your RV

I have talked about this multiple times in my previous articles. Parking is a whole new art when you are doing it with a trailer.

The good news is that a camper trailer is quite smaller than other RVs. Therefore, it is easier to park it. What are the difficulties that you will deal with when parking?

The first point is the blind spots. With a camper trailer, those are fewer, since the vehicle is smaller. Moreover, the spots, which are small for other trailers will be ideal for yours.

Storage spaces

You cannot go camping all year long. For a good 5-6 months your camper will be parked at a trailer park or anywhere else, where you can afford or are allowed to park it.

Countless regulations have stated that it is forbidden in many neighborhoods to park big campers in driveways. The regulations apply even when you want to park in front of your own house.

Luckily, a camper trailer will be small enough to fit in a garage. Moreover, the sizes are very small and the regulations will not apply to your first time RV.

Going wherever you want

When your camper is also your home, meanwhile being a means of transport, certain routine things get harder to handle.

You may go to a campsite, set everything up and after a while, if there is need to go to a store, all the setting up has to be packed back up.

Meanwhile, a camper trailer gives you the freedom to go wherever you want. You have your car unhooked and ready to serve you as a regular vehicle.

You have the freedom to go to different tours and take part in other activities, which require a vehicle. Temporarily, your camper will be set up waiting for you to come back.

Maintenance of your 1st choice RV

Maintenance is directly connected to the price and ease of driving of the vehicle. I have already mentioned that a camper trailer is winning with both these points.

As a result, you will have less issues with maintenance.

The first and the most important part of a vehicle is its engine, which in this case is missing. Therefore, no need to deal with oil changes, transmission issues and so on.

Having the freedom of leaving the camper trailer in a storage and not having to worry that the battery will die is great.

Moreover, then you are dealing with bigger RVs, such as motorhomes or fifth wheels, there are more complex mechanisms you need to understand.

For instance, the electricity itself is already a lot to deal with. In case you have your refrigerator not working, there are too many steps and expertise you will need to go through.

Of course, I am not saying you can just leave your camper trailer to be and not worry at all. The difference is that there are much fewer things to worry about.

As a beginner, nobody wants to deal with maintenance issues, especially when they are not that experienced and every little issue will drive them to a repair shop.

Therefore, learning many stuff on your first time RV will build thee confidence for the next models of campers.

Off-roading with your first RV camper trailer

It is okay that you think that the larger the RV the better for the owner. Of course, you will have a more luxurious experience with your bigger camper.

The comfortable settings that motorhomes have cannot be compared with a camper trailer. However, the biggest drawback with the motorhomes is that you are forced to only go to campsites and national parks.

The majority of the motorhomes are not suitable for off-roading. Therefore, you will not have the chance to drive to a beach or into the wild and just enjoy your alone time.

You can easily find a camper trailer, which will be ideal for off road driving. The one and only thing to be certain about is the towing vehicle being capable of driving off road.

You need to have a 4-wheel drive car. Depending on the place you decide to drive off, the experience can be as extreme as possible.

Moreover, you can easily drive over a shallow river or a muddy road and be good to go. Owning a camper trailer is ideal for such adventures.

You will have more space in your first time RV camper trailer than you think

Everyone who are considering buying a camper trailer have the most common concern about the space they will get with their first RV.

They think that it is not enough space for the bags, stuff, family, friends, etc.

I guarantee you will have all the space you really need. Different models of camper trailers come with multiple sizes.

Therefore, you always have the freedom to choose whatever you are the most comfortable with. You can go with a camper trailer, which has the capacity for 8 people.

In contrary, if you are a solo traveler, or you are camping with another person and there is two of you, go with more compact models.

Conclusion on your camper trailer experience

Finally, I strongly recommend not thinking that you will be left without any comfort of motorhomes, if you opt for a camper trailer. The modern manufacturers make sure all camper trailers have the essential and necessary facilities for a comfortable camping experience.

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