Small Campers With bathrooms: Top 10 Options For The Best RV Experience

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People who are into RVing invest a relatively decent amount of money in order to make their experience more comfortable. Small campers with bathrooms serve to this purpose.

The sole fact that you can use electricity during camping is already an exciting news. Adding to that the fact that you will be sleeping in a real bed with a decent mattress is also a boom.

Finally, the one and only basic need to using the bathroom holds many people back from camping when they think of the uncomfortable ways they would have to think of, in order to satisfy this need.

However, small travel trailers with bathroom are a lifesaver when it comes to RVing. Of course, big trailers can cost a fortune to buy.

Nonetheless, there are huge varieties of small campers with bathrooms. Therefore, I have decided to go through some comfortable options you can consider when deciding on what camper to buy.

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Casita Spirit Deluxe small campers with bathrooms

What I love about this trailer with bathroom is that it is perfect for travelling both alone and with family or friends. Despite its sizes, it will make the best camping experience come true.

From the first sight, this camper looks appropriate for one or two people. However, the creators have done their best to ensure that every little detail is well taken care of.

This RV with bathroom is among the most multifunctional options you might ever have a look at. The interior is convertible into everything.

The extremely easy process of turning the sleeping area into a dining space will simply catch anyone’s eye. There is also a dinette at the end of the camper.

Moreover, the presence of bunk beds allows to take in more guests. The size of this model is just under 18 feet. However, it is extremely spacious and can serve to numerous purposes.

Additionally, my favorite part of these small travel trailers with bathroom is the size of its very roomy bath and shower. In fact, it is the largest area in the entire camper.

small campers with bathrooms

This RV with bathroom has super convenient features for making sure the humidity stays away after you shower. There are excellent working ventilations and fans, which work the best.

The body of this RV with bathroom is made of fiberglass. This makes the product tremendously durable. This camper can survive absolutely any weather conditions.

However, there is a drawback to this fairy tale. The storage place is very limited. Of course, nobody could expect it to me a big one, since the majority of the area is occupied by the bathroom.

Jay Sport small campers with bathroom

Whoever is slightly familiar with RV manufacturing brands should know this name. Jay Sport has numerous models of campers, which are known for their multiple functions.

Each one if made to serve a different purpose. However, all of them offer perfect comfort with elegant interior, similar to classy hotels.

Let’s start from the exterior of this model: entering is made easy with folding steps. The tires are quite big, 15 inches. Moreover, they are off road tires. Stabilizing jacks work wonderfully.

Describing the interior, the words rustic, cozy and rugged would be the most appropriate. The facilities are made of the best quality materials: vinyl floors, stainless steel, acrylic bathroom facilities, etc.

The multifunctionality of this trailer starts with the dinette, which has rescindable pillows. Moreover, I need to mention the heated mattress with 4 inches width.

Of course, you should know about the vinyl tinted windows. They will not let anyone from the outside see anything happening inside.

Additionally, the hotness outside will never be a problem due to the wonderful and powerful ventilation system on the roof.

The manufacturers have given us the choice of getting a deluxe screen. This will make sure the trailer is dry at any weather and no bugs can come inside.

Regarding the bathroom facilities. There are actually two bathrooms in this trailer: one is in the inside, the other on the outside.

The outside one comes with a heater with capacity of 6 gallons.

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Nest caravan small campers with bathrooms

This Nest Caravan RV with bathroom has the sleekest looks any RV owner could wish for their vehicle. The elegant exterior design is created to catch everyone’s eye momentarily and look good with your towing vehicle.

Aerodynamic design is what Caravan small campers with bathrooms are known for. The design is not just for the aesthetics. It also serves the energy saving purpose for your vehicle. You will definitely get less millage when towing this trailer.

Due to the smart interior design, the inside of these small campers with bathroom are just as sleek and modern as the outside looks.

The color combinations are composed of three colors: black, white and grey. It gives a luxurious look and mimics modern style.

Although the capacity of space is too little, these small travel trailers with bathroom still have place for the most important area.

These small campers with bathrooms even have a kitchen island inside with all the necessary appliances, such as a stove.

You might be surprised, but this RV with bathroom has a queen size bed inside. You will never feel as if you ever left your house. The comfortable mattress and the roomy bed will make your night unforgettable.

After all these features, should I mention the folding chairs and counter tops? I guess there would be no need.

Barefoot caravans RV with bathroom

Firstly, I couldn’t help but mention that Barefoot has a free shipping policy, if you get a trailer from them. The company is based in the United Kingdom.

Barefoot small campers with bathrooms are known for their unique design. These small travel trailers with bathroom have wide interiors, as well as striking colors.

The all in all style can be described as retro. It is very typical for British manufacturers.

Besides the standing out colors and design, you will greatly appreciate the lighting mechanism on these small travel trailers with bathroom.

small travel trailers with bathroom

The seating is made with L-shaped design. Windows and cupboards are of eco-friendly materials. Moreover, you have got yourself a freezer, as well as a fridge.

Regarding the bathroom, you will fall in love with this RV with bathroom and its capacity of 30 liters water tank. It can be warmed with a hot water system Truma Combi.

Atlas small campers with bathrooms

The way I like to describe this camper to people is a minute house fusion. Among the numerous advantages, there is the solar powered assembly of the trailer.

Moreover, you have a porch on this RV with bathroom. Steel tubes, wooden cladding and foam insulations are also features worth mentioning.

This miniature camper of 18 square meters is divided into living area sections: loft, ground floor and the bathroom. The interior also includes a folding a couch, lifting up canopy and a deck.

Atlas small travel trailers with bathroom also come with a decent size kitchen. Moreover, the bathroom features a toilet, as well as a shower.

The wood lovers who appreciate loft style would love the interior design of this trailer with bathroom.

iCamp Elite small travel trailers with bathroom

Among the striking and vibrant options, iCamp Eite RV with bathroom has definitely earned itself a pedestal.

Being among the smallest campers, this trailer with bathroom is probably one of the most multifunctional options.

This RV with bathroom is made of Styrofoam, high gloss fiberglass and the tubing is made of aluminum. Due to its smart building, this RV with bathroom is suitable for camping in severe conditions.

Due to the size of these small travel trailers with bathroom, they are an ideal fit for smaller camping sites. However, it is a little too small compared to the previous options I have mentioned.

The size is suitable for a solo traveler, who is camping for not more than 4 days.

In order for the interior to be comfortable, all the edges are rounded so that they can fit in the space. Additionally, the highest point is about 5 feet. Therefore, you cannot really spend much time inside the camper.

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Lancer 1575 RV with bathroom

These small travel trailers with bathroom have been among the favorites for over 50 years already. Throughout the entire time, the model Lancer 1575 can be called their best creation.

The weight of this trailer with bathroom is about 2700 lbs. However, it has numerous facilities, which make you wonder how they fit into this weight.

Unlike many small campers with bathrooms, this option gives you the best comfort during camping. The construction is perfectly fit for feeling at home.

The exterior is just as rich as the interior. This includes roof ventilation, space for the spare tire, storage area and of course, freshwater system.

trailer with bathroom

The manufacturers have made sure the interior is very well taken care of to the smallest details. You will know what I mean, once you enter the inside of this wonderful trailer with bathroom.

From a clock on the wall all the way to a key hanger, from fancy countertops to fiberglass windows. All this is extremely well incorporated into the interior of Lancer small travel trailers with bathroom.

Moreover, I could not forget about the dinette, a stainless steel stove and of course, a huge fridge, which has the capacity of 5 cub/meters.

The bathroom consists of a toilet and a shower. The toilet is connected to a black tank flush.

Airstream 2018 sport small campers with bathrooms

Airstream is among the veterans of camping equipment manufacturers. Despite its size, which in our case, we consider to be an advantage, it has the highest level comfort in all the interior areas.

The whole style of the camper is classy. The bathroom is no exception. Due to the wonderful ventilation system, unpleasant smells and humidity are unknown to this model.

The toilet is made of porcelain, which is the best quality material for such purposes. The bathroom has homey features such as a towel bar and a folding clothesline.

Both the interior and the exterior have sophisticated finishes. The trailer itself is multifunctional with its construction and facilities.

The kitchen is equipped with appliances such as a microwave, a cooker and a fridge.

In order for you to feel comfortable with whatever you are doing inside without having to worry about what people can see from the outside, the windows are tinted to blackout.

Additionally, the front window offers a panoramic view, which makes both the driving and the camping experiences a real bliss.

Scamp 13 standard RV with bathroom

This specific camper model is 13 feet long. Other options from Scamp came with various features, which makes the picking process more fun.

If we start with the layouts, the ultimate option would be Scamp 13, because of the front bathroom. It features a shower as well.

The multifunctional furniture includes beds, which turn into dining tables. You will have seats, which are also storage spaces and so on.

rv with bathroom

This camper is perfectly designed for travelling with family. Surprisingly enough, the capacity of Scamp 13 can fit four persons easily.

Moreover, a 12 gallon water tank will make your RVing experience more comfortable. This is probably the biggest tank among small campers with bathrooms.

The water will be enough for four persons to have showers, cook meals and use the water for flushing the toilet.

Scamp gives you the chance to customize your camper. You can pay extra and get additional outlets, as well as lights. Fiberglass drawers, stove cover, microwave oven and so much more are included in the customization package.

Knaus Deseo small travel trailers with bathroom

This camper with tailgate is a work of art with its looks. The interior is spacious and very flexible. That is to say, that anything can transform into anything.

The exterior stands out with a quality chassis and storage bin. You can see the opening for emptying the toilet. This gives maximum comfort and frees you from toiler problems.

Regarding the interior, the first thing that strikes the eye is the big door. Besides making the entering and exiting easy, it serves well for airflow.

You can also find a transportable big TV. The cabinets are spacious and comfortable. You can always find extra place to store your stuff.

The kitchen area offers a decent space for cooking on a cooker, which is a two-flame.

The trailer features blinds, which make the interior more private and therefore, more comfortable.

Proceeding to the bathroom: the area is very big, it has a shower curtain, which transforms into a cabin. You will also enjoy a laundry section.

The trailer also features a bike holder. It is convenient when traveling with an extra vehicle.

Finally, the manufacturers give you chance to make your camper the way you want it to look like. You can pick up the color of the interior finishes, as well as the materials.

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