Overview on Travel Trailer Insurance Cost: Important Details to Consider


Travel trailers are among the essentials of long-term camping. When it becomes a lifestyle, there is nothing more to do than to purchase a driving house, which will be your companion.

However, keep in mind that there is a number of things to take care of when purchasing a brand new camper.

First of all, the travel trailer insurance cost is the number one priority for a brand new product. Especially when the item is prone to being damaged. Note that you can come across countless options of travel trailer insurance cost packages.

However, I would like to present two of the most optimal choices you might want to have a look at.

  1. Good Sam’s Insurance

It is approximately $380 for one year. The good thing about it is the deductibility of $250/$500. This option gives you two choices: you can either be reimbursed for the damage of your trailer, or the second option, which suggests repairing the trailer. In the first case, an expert should have a look at the damaged trailer and decide the cost of your reimbursement.

  1. Progressive

This one is a more logical choice to me personally. The rates fall between $180 and $385 for a year. Depending on what package you choose, the coverage would be different. I was directed to Progressive through USAA. I have my car and the house insured with them. However, they do not have any package deals for camper trailer insurance. Therefore, they have directed me to Progressive. The deals are pretty convenient, if you are cooperating through third party.

Overview on travel trailer insurance cost: important details to consider

What is my camper trailer?

In order for you to be able to compare and understand the camper trailer insurance cost, I have decided to shade the model of my travel trailer.

It is a 2017 Rockwood Mini-Lite 2504s. All the money I had to pay for this wonderful piece of equipment was around $24.500.

travel trailer insurance cost

The price includes the taxes and other additional fees.

Several tips on saving money on travel trailer insurance cost

This might sound extremely simple, but through my own experience, I found out that the deals are relatively cheaper when you get your camper trailer insurance quotes online, instead of going to offices or on the phone.

The reason is very simple: insurance company workers get hundreds of phone calls every day.

Therefore, they do not have time to introduce all the available options and deals to you. Most of the time, they will just talk about the average deals, which are the most popular.

This way they make the procedure less complicated and a lot faster.

Meanwhile, getting the quotes online gives you the opportunity to go through all the package deals and options, as well as customize the quotes to your own needs and expenses.

Overview on travel trailer insurance cost: important details to consider

Moreover, do not think that the difference is very slight and that I am talking about something around $50. Not at all! I was suggested a $450 quote, while my online-customized option was only $280.

All I did was just excluding all the unnecessary coverage for me.

Important points to render when opting for a camper trailer insurance

First and foremost, think about what you are the best comfortable with when it comes to replacement cost. Generally, you have two options: full replacement cost of the entire trailer and repair reimbursement for a specific damage.

To me personally, the first option is more preferable.

Think about it this way: if you wreck the trailer, which is about 5 years old, you can get the real cost money to buy a new one.

Secondly, consider the amount you want to be paid by the trailer insurance company. The difference between your payments is very slight. $10 can simply guarantee you extra $200k reimbursement.

The next stage is the personal affects package deals. I believe that this one is among the most important ones, since the camper trailer attributes get stolen quite often. Generators are the most popular victims.

Finally, keep an open mind! There are infinite options to choose from. Insurance companies are sometimes too many.

Consequently, the quotes and travel trailer insurance cost can vary a big deal.

Trailer insurance companies like “Farmer’s travel trailer insurance”, “Progressive travel trailer insurance”, “Geico travel trailer insurance” and “Good Sam RV insurance” offer multiple quotes and deals.

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