Travel Trailer Checklist: Top 25 Necessary Items, Which You Shouldn’t Forget

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Travel trailer checklist is the key to your relaxing camping experience. If you know you have everything from your RV camping checklist, your day will go fine.

There is a big chance you will not be able to enjoy your time, when you constantly have thoughts about items you have forgotten.

When you do not check out everything when packing from the travel trailer packing list, there is a huge chance you will forget an important item.

Only when there is a need for that item, you will remember not packing it with you to the trip. It can be anything, really. From simple matches to overcoats for cold evenings.

Once you realize you are missing an important piece of equipment or other items from travel trailer checklist, you get to decide between two options.

You can go on without that item, which will definitely bother you throughout the entire trip. You can drive out of the campsite and buy that item from the nearest store, which can be extremely far away and it is an unnecessary waste of money and time.

This is exactly what the RV camping list is for. If you check out each point from your travel trailer checklist, such problems will never occur.

I will talk about a list, which I have created from scratch. Everything you may ever need in any situation when camping is in this RV camping checklist.

Compass and a map: GPS devices in travel trailer packing list

Many items, such as matches, which are seemingly items of number one importance, are quite overrated to be considered top of the RV camping list.

I can create the worst scene ever. You are in the middle of literally nowhere. Your generator has stopped working because of the weather issues. You got lost and wasted all the gas. The connection is the worst and there is nothing nearby.

Many representatives of the 21st century would simply have a heart attack or faint right at the spot. However, people were travelling long before any electronic gadgets were created.

A paper map in combination with a compass can get you out from any lost area in the world. Google Maps is, of course, cool and makes everyone’s lives easier.

Travel Trailer Checklist: Top 25 Necessary Items, Which You Shouldn't Forget

However, a compass will never mistake the North to the West. Therefore, these items are the number one priority of my travel trailer checklist.

It is very possible that you will never need these items. Trust me it is a good thing. It will mean that you have never gotten lost. However, having them around will give you that extra confidence that you simply cannot get lost.

Sleeping facilities, such as blankets and pillows in RV camping checklist

You may think how on earth it is possible to forget blankets and pillows, it is like forgetting warm overcoats. Trust me; we will get back to overcoats later.

You might be one of those lucky ones whose camper came with all the necessary facilities for the bedroom. However, those pillows will never be as comfortable as the pillows you use in your house.

In order for getting a great night sleep, maximum comfort is required. Put all thicknesses blankets into your RV camping checklist. You can never know for sure what the night will be having in store for you.

It is very possible that even during the summertime, the nights can be chilly and you can easily catch a cold. Therefore, be prepared for any situation, which you can control on your part.

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Conquering mosquitoes: necessary “weapons” in your travel trailer packing list

Spring and summer bring the worst enemies for campers, mosquitoes. They like to breed near standing waters and they are very willing and ready to make sure your camping trip is ruined.

Thankfully, the modern medicine has come up with multiple ideas and solutions of how to deal with those bloodsuckers.

I understand if you refuse to use chemical methods. There are, of course, natural sources as well. Mosquitoes cannot withstand several natural smells.

Those smells are the followings: geraniol, tea tree, neem oil, citronella, Greek catnip, thyme oil and so much more. You can google all the natural sources, which will protect you from any kind of mosquitoes and write them down in your RV camping list.

Sunblock should definitely be in the travel trailer checklist

You may think that it is an unnecessary piece of weight, especially when you are camping during fall or winter and in the areas, where it is chilly and there is no sun.

However, spending a little time outside, even when you do not see the sun, can cause sunburns. The rays are always there, even if you do not see them.

Nonetheless, I do not advise you to buy any kind of sunblock just to buy it. There is an SPF factor for all models and options. You can google and see what works best for you.

I may assume that you would want to get the option, which SPF is the highest. However, your skin might not always need that.

Tablets and chargers in RV camping list

Nobody can deny the fact that our lives revolve around technology. We greatly depend on our gadgets. They make our lives easier. Therefore, people tend to depend on them.

Taking photos and videos, documenting the trip is a big part of our daily routines. As a result, you will need the chargers throughout the entire trip.

Moreover, this especially concerns teenagers and your children. You can read my article on making RVing fun for teenagers.

Folding chairs in travel trailer checklist

Owning a trailer means that you have the privilege of stopping at any point during your trip, having a seat and enjoying the view.

You will be travelling through all kinds of weathers and natural conditions. When wanting to stop and hang around for a while, folding chairs will be your best friends.

Travel Trailer Checklist: Top 25 Necessary Items, Which You Shouldn't Forget

It may not always be convenient to have a seat on the ground. The grass may be too wet or it may happen that there are too many sharp rocks around.

Folding chairs do not take up much space. Therefore, you can be certain in those chairs being a smart investment.

The spare key to the camper are a must-have in RV camping checklist

Keys are the number one getting lost items during any trip. You think you have put them in your pocket, but then you were ding something and they were bothering you and you took them out.

Then you put the keys somewhere near the camper. You turn around and there are no keys to be found.

If you think forgetting matches can put a damp in your trip, trust me, losing the keys is much more tragic.

Instead of going into the crazy mode and wasting time on looking for something there is a big chance you may never find, you just get the spare keys and go on with your trip.

My advice is to get a spare key in advance. You can either hide them somewhere in the camper that you are sure you will find afterwards, or you can give them to someone to keep.

Camper papers being up to date

If you are a driver of any kind of vehicle, you should know that the registration papers should always be in the car.

It is possible that you do not want to keep any important documents in the car. In this case, you may as well forget to place them in the car for the trip. Assuming the police stops you, you are in huge trouble.

This is the kind of point in RV camping list, which should be double and triple checked before hitting the road.

Generator fuel in RV camping checklist

Generators are very important pieces of machinery in modern camping experiences. They are the source of your main electricity.

All generators operate on fuel. They burn gas such like your camper. Therefore, you may need extra gas just to be certain that your generator will not give up on you mid-way.

Gas comes in metal containers, canisters. They may take up some space and can be quite dangerous. Therefore, make sure to keep them out of children’s reach. Create some room for the canister in the camper.

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Utensils in travel trailer packing list

This refers to those who plan to enjoy their homemade meals throughout their camping. I strongly recommend avoiding any kind of plastic and disposable utensils. They make the worst waste.

travel trailer packing list Travel Trailer Checklist: Top 25 Necessary Items, Which You Shouldn't Forget

Aluminum utensils are the best options for camping experiences.

Plates, cups, forks and knives

Dinnertime is one of my favorite parts when camping. Enjoying a tasty meal while spelling all the wonderful scents of nature is the most fulfilling thing ever.

The items, in which you are planning to have your meals, should be among the top priorities of RV camping list.

Paper and foam tableware is probably the smartest choice. You can easily throw them away after every use. However, if you are planning to reuse them, these options are not the best.

Glass tableware should be avoided at all costs. Accidents may happen and the results can be severe.

Hand sanitizer

Outdoors activities, no matter what kind, always result dirty hands. This may cause a number of infections.

Therefore, your travel trailer packing list should include a hand sanitizer bottle for each person going on the trip. These are tiny bottles, which take up no space.

People have even come up with belt attachment clips for such items. Carry them with you wherever you go during camping.

Of course, the soap with water can never be replaced by a hand sanitizer. This duo kills all kinds of germs more efficiently.

Nonetheless, imagine a scenario where you or your friend have hurt yourself. You are bleeding and need to clean the wound, in order to avoid any kind of infections.

This little bottle can be your lifesaver.

Dish soap in travel trailer checklist

Of course, if your super new and cool camper has a dishwasher, you have no problems. However, the majority does not have such facilities.

Therefore, you will have to do the dishes on your own. Dish soap is probably the cheapest item on this travel trailer checklist. One bottle will be more than enough for several weeks of use.

Pack a couple backup bottles. They will not bother you or take up much space, but they may come in handy.

Matches in RV camping list

If you have a stone in the camper, it does not mean that it will always light up. You need to have a backup plan.

The tiniest item in travel trailer checklist. Can fit absolutely anywhere.

Get extra packs of matches just in case. You will be using them to start a fire, as well.

First aid RV camping checklist

There are items in travel trailer checklist, which you wish you would never have to use. The first aid kit is probably number one among those items.

However, you should still have it in store for extreme situation.

Each state and each country has their own regulations about what should be included in the first air RV camping list.

I will represent the middle ground between all those laws. Here is the list:

  1. Distilled water
  2. Cough medicine
  3. Antihistamine
  4. Painkillers
  5. Antiseptic gels, creams
  6. Mosquito spray
  7. Thermometer (digital or basic)
  8. Bandages
  9. Wipes
  10. Gloves

Mouth hygiene RV camping checklist

If there are some items of first importance, which you can replace with something else, toothbrushes and toothpaste are irreplaceable.

Therefore, make sure to put them down in your travel trailer packing list.

These items are not that big, neither are they heavy. Consequently, you can freely pack extra ones with you to the trip.

Moreover, keep in mind the number of people travelling with you. If you are with a big group, the quantity of all supplies, including toothpaste would increase.

Toilet paper in travel trailer packing list

This point always makes everyone laugh. However, they stop doing so when they need to go and there is no toilet paper.

Before you even start packing for the trip, go to a store and if you can find any discount on toilet paper. Stack up the camper with as much paper as the capacity can hold.

rv camping list Travel Trailer Checklist: Top 25 Necessary Items, Which You Shouldn't Forget

Use all the compartments in your RV and put extra rolls in there. Buy a whole bunch, take them out of the boxes and put them separately all around the trailer.

Depending on the duration of your trip, toilet paper can be gone very soon. So, be careful with using extra for the wrong reasons.

Headgear in RV camping list

All kind of headgear is a priority in travel trailer packing list. Winter hats should be there to protect your head from cold when travelling through rougher climate zones.

Caps are great especially for the driver, to make sure the sun does not shine right in the eyes. They are also great for preventing facial sunburns.

A cowboy hat is good for hot weathers. When you are wearing a no sleeve shirt, this hat will protect your shoulders as well.

Sunglasses in travel trailer checklist

No matter the size of the visor in your vehicle, when driving during the sunset or sunrise, the angle is just right to hit your face in the worst way.

Having sunglasses will help you out from this situation. When your eyes are exposed to ultraviolet rays, there is a big chance you can have a headache very soon.

This can mess up your schedule, since you will definitely need some time to feel good again, in oder to hit the road.

Besides, sunglasses are useful for daily activities.

Boots in RV camping list

When travelling outdoors, there is a big chance your adventures may get you into deep and thick muds and knee-deep waters.

This is where the boots will come in handy. You can choose for yourself if you want rubber boots, which are the best for water or heavy-duty boots, which are great for muddy areas.

Make sure, however, whatever boots you have, they reach your knees. This will provide a better protection against all kinds of mosquitoes and germs.

Additionally, if your camping trips are in the winter, winter boots are a necessity.

Outerwear in travel trailer checklist for colder evenings

Even if you are camping through warm states just as Texas or Arizona, you will have to face several colder evenings for sure.

It would feel much better if you are prepared for such occurrences.

Travelling closer to the winter, especially through chillier climate states will force you to bring coats with you. A pair of gloves or two might become in handy as well.

Easy prep food in travel trailer packing list

It is okay if you the type of person who prefers easy meals and having to stand in front of the stove for a while to prepare a meal.

Therefore, non-perishable food is the choice for you. They keep the taste for a long time and do not go bad very soon. It is easy to store them.

Normal room temperature is okay for such food. However, keep in mind that if you plan on taking canned food, do not forget to include an opener into your travel trailer checklist.

Various cookware depending on your preferences in RV camping list

Unlike the previous option, this is for those who like homemade meals and like to cook them themselves.

You may want to go fishing or hunting for your food. Nonetheless, you should have something, in which you can heat the meal up and cook them.

I think the most optimal choice is to grab different size pans. You get some pots as well. However, do not forget to get the lids of all those pots and pans.

Even if your trailer is not equipped with a stove, you can still use these to cook your meals on fire.

Marshmallow in RV camping checklist

Camping with children has a mandatory tradition of having marshmallow on sticks around the campfire. This is one of the most fun activities. It gathers the whole group together.

Who does not love a little sweetness, right?

If you travel for more than one night, you will definitely have a chilly evening during your trip. Pick that day and start a fire. Everyone can participate in the fire making process. This will make them feel wanted.

There are wooden roasting stick at stores. However, you can simply use the wood sticks you can find laying around the campsite.

Some fresh milk should be included in the travel trailer packing list

Fresh milk can be a real rarity for on-the-road stores. Therefore, grapping a couple bottles should be noted as a part of RV camping list.

People often think that if the expiration date as passed, the milk needs to be thrown away. However, the date you are looking at is not always the expiration date.

There are two numbers: the first one is the last date the milk can be sold, the second one is the expiration date.

Nonetheless, in many cases milk is okay to drink even pass the expiration date. Simply keep the milk in the fridge and support the necessary cool temperature inside.

This can serve for an extra several days.

Conclusion on travel trailer checklist

All this leaves us to a conclusion. Once you remember that you have forgotten something for the trip and you are already on your way, in most cases there is nothing you can do.

That is probably one of the most disgusting feelings ever. The feeling of hopelessness. The next time you should be extra careful and follow all the components on the RV camping checklist.

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