My TOP 21 RV kitchen accessories: you have to take them camping with you

RV kitchen accessories: knives BEGINNER INFO

When you are an experienced camper who is almost living in their camper, RV kitchen accessories become a necessity, without which it is hard to cope.

Eating is a big part of travelling and camping. No matter how many years you do camping, the comforts of eating at your own house can be nowhere near to be compared with eating in an RV.

My family is very specific with their food. Therefore, the RV kitchen storage accessories I am going to talk about, are solely based on my own experience of coming with a demanding family.

You may think that if you have a cool and modern RV, which is equipped with every necessary travel trailer kitchen accessories, there will be no need to look into this kind of RV kitchen storage accessories lists.

However, everything is relatively smaller than you think. Therefore, each appliance should have multiple purposes.

I do not know how many people are travelling with you on the camper, however, if you have kids, this is a subject, which need a special attention.

Dealing with their meals daily can be quite the challenge. Therefore, before heading the road, at least consider having a look at this RV kitchen accessories list.

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RV kitchen storage accessories: water filter

No matter how much water you pack with you on a camping trip, you will still need more. Nobody wants to leave the campsite and go get water from a store.

Filtered and clean water is the key to peaceful camping without any stomach accidents, especially with children.

RV kitchen storage accessories: water filter

Of course, there are water supplies in many campsites. However, I have had several accidents with that water. After those incidents, I went on and bought my water filter.

Moreover, besides going to campsites, you might want to go boondocking. This is where you will not be able to make it without a filter. River water, lake water, any water supply what so ever should go through a filter.

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Travel trailer kitchen accessories: instant pot

The instant pot is probably the most used one among my travel trailer kitchen accessories. If you are planning to have meals prepared in your camper, this piece of appliance is a necessity.

The perspective of being able to cook anything, let it be the most complex dish, in less than one hour attracts many.

Therefore, my family prefers this means of cooking. It provides us with the most important advantage, time. We never waste time on cooking, yet we manage to have the tastiest meals.

Coffee maker in my RV kitchen accessories

I can understand that if you do not drink coffee, this point is no good for you. I personally do not consume any.

However, all of my family is coffee-addict. Therefore, the presence of this appliance saves everyone many scandals.

Stayed caffeinated is crucial during camping, especially for people who do drink coffee on a daily basis.

This piece of electronics is especially useful when we go boondocking. Starting the day with a fresh coffee is very important. You can enjoy the tastes while on a fresh air.

Travel trailer accessories: cast iron

These skillets are useful for all types of cooking. Whether you prefer a bonfire or a traditional stove, this will work perfectly.

Moreover, besides cooking, it can serve to warm up the food. Anything will turn out great with this: bacon, eggs, toast and so on.

Remember, I was talking about that all RV kitchen storage accessories should have multiple purposes. This is a good example of that.

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Travel trailer kitchen accessories: blender

Immersion blender is the top choice of all my family. It is smaller than a regular blender. Therefore, it takes up less space.

Being able to enjoy tasty smoothies while camping is a whole other level of joy. The fresh bucket of fruits early in the morning will make sure you have a productive camping day.

Travel trailer kitchen accessories: blender

Moreover, if you are keen on salads and need some small veggies to be chopped, such as onions, this blender will easily help out with that task as well.

Collapsible RV kitchen storage accessories

Limited space is what every RV owner has to deal with. No matter how big your camper is, there is still lack of space around the kitchen.

All the appliances are big and take up much area around. Therefore, people often get tired of not having comfortable space and just stop using their RV kitchens.

However, foldable anything, especially in the kitchen, should be any RVer’s best friends. You get the best travel trailer kitchen accessories and get the space you wanted.

Measuring cups, strainers and so much more come in collapsible models, specially designed for outdoors use.

Mason jars as RV kitchen storage accessories

These ones have countless purposes. Drink anything with them, use them for storing food. Go crazy and decorate you camper with flowers, using these as vases.

Having different sizes will help out a lot. I have used them multiple time for the most diverse purposes. Who knows what use will you think of for these little helpers?

RV kitchen accessories: knives

I is kind of wrong to call knives RV kitchen accessories. However, they are mostly used in the kitchen, besides when you go hunting.

RV kitchen accessories: knives

Moreover, it is good to have knives with covers. It is a specific feature for when you use them in RVs. Since you might change where things lie in the camper, it is a good idea to protect your hands from accidental injuries

Travel trailer kitchen accessories: cups

Actively using cups when camping myself, I recommend you take stainless steal cups. First of all, they are as light as a feather. Second of all, you can get amazing sets and pay less.

Finally, of course you are going to need cups during a camping trip. It is the basics of camping gear.

RV kitchen accessories: utensils

Camper kitchen utensils are the not the usual utensils that you think of. These are some sort of combos, which have a fork, a spoon and a knife in them.

RV kitchen accessories: utensils

The best thing about these combos is that they come in different colors. You simply assign one color to one person. They become responsible for washing their own utensils.

This cuts off from the dish washing time.

RV kitchen storage accessories: dishes

Similar to the utensils, RV dishes differ from the usual plates. The melamine dishes are great to stack in a camper kitchen. They are not too expensive and it is very easy to wash them crystal clean.

However, the best thing about these dishes is that they are extremely durable. You can leave your wild children to eat outside the camper with these dishes and they will survive the torture, for sure.

A simple drying rack as part of the travel trailer kitchen accessories

A dish drainer is a good equivalent for a drying rack. Unlike the above-mentioned RV kitchen accessories, these ones are just like the ones you have and use at home.

A simple roll-put rack, which goes over the sink and helps you out with drying the dishes. All RV kitchens lack space, no matter the model. Therefore, you need to keep the area as organized as possible.

RV kitchen accessories: cookware

Again, if you are planning on preparing meals in the camper, using your kitchen facilities and appliances, you will, of course, need some cookware.

Getting a set will help you ease the mission of keeping the kitchen organized. They go inside one anther and safe up much space.

Oven gloves in travel trailer kitchen accessories

The first rule of outdoors activities is keeping yourself safe. Not burning your hands and fingers is one way of keeping that rule going.

Oven gloves are important in any kitchen. Especially when you are dealing with cast iron skillets, doing barbeque outside, these gloves should be the first thing you have in handy.

You can easily use these gloves for picking up stuff from the fire. Evening bonfire marshmallows are just one example.

Grill on propane, portable for RV kitchen accessories

Besides cooking inside the camper’s kitchen, you go outside and prepare food there as well. Therefore, you will need certain appliances, such as a portable propane grill.

Grill on propane, portable for RV kitchen accessories

Preparing food in the fresh air on a grill is one of the most fun activities when you go camping. Make sure not to leave this one out of the picture.

Utensils for grilling outside

Camping grilling is already a sort of art. Everyone does that, so everyone has all the necessary RV kitchen accessories for outdoor grilling.

These utensils will allow you to do anything you want with the meal. There is no difference if you want to prepare the food on the propane grill or a nice bonfire.

These helpers will get you to the perfect meal in no time. You will not have to craft up anything from the sticks laying around.

Finally, getting back to saving space in the camper. Grill utensils are easily stockable and can be stored in the RV, while you are driving somewhere.

RV kitchen storage accessories: folding tables

There is no way you can enjoy a good meal with a big family without sitting around a nice table covered with great food.

Most of the time when we camp in national parks or campsites, there are tables available there. This inspired us for the decision to buy a height adjustable table to make sure it is the same height as the already available tables.

This way we always manage to make a big enough space for 7-8 people to be able to enjoy their time ad meal.

However, we have had an incident with our table. After having dinner, we left the table near the campsite tables, thinking that we will clean and get it later.

When I went back there was no table to be found. I went on asking people around if they had seen our table.

I, of course, managed to find it after an hour of searching. Someone mistook it for the available tables at the campsite and took it to their RV.

I explained the situation and they understood me, giving back our folding table.

Therefore, this incident got me to the idea of labeling all out travel trailer kitchen accessories and everything we bring with ourselves in general.

Labeling everything might be too much, but who knows what the others are capable of doing.

Trash can for your own waste

I know at least 20 people who would claim that bringing a trash can with you to camping is the best idea you can ever have.

Usually, these cans have the capacity of 33 gallon trash bags. This is a comfortable size for camping outdoors.

While you might find trash cans in campsites and national parks, when you go boondocking it is, of course, not an option.

Moreover, even if you have cans at campsites and national parks, they are sometimes so far from each other that you have to walk at least 4-5 minutes to get to the nearest one.

Having your own trash can will help you control when you throw the garbage away.

Sticks for roasting in travel trailer kitchen accessories

I bet nobody has ever gone camping without having the perfect roasted marshmallows and hot dogs at the bonfire.

If there are people like that in the world, they are missing on the amazing experience that can be compared to nothing.

These sticks are inseparable parts of RV kitchen accessories. These roasting sticks are good for kids as well. They have fun at the bonfire and the length of the sticks does not let them come too close.

Spices to go!

I am not sure if you can call a good quality spice rack RV kitchen accessories, but I could not have created this list without my favorite thing in the kitchen.

Spices are the way to make anything taste heavenly. Therefore, I have created a special rack, which is mounted on the wall, to keep my spices on the place while we are on the road.

It is the simplest mount, which screws into any wall. It will not be the most pleasant thing to arrive at the destination and having to clean the whole vehicle from spices.

Paper towels and a holder

Working in an RV kitchen can and will get messy. You will constantly need paper towel for everything. In order to save up some space, I have decided to go with a holder.

This one goes under the category of RV kitchen accessories, which people do not think to get, but they are extremely pleased when they do have it.

Unlike most people, my mother was the first to buy a paper towel holder for our camper.

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