4 Methods to Asses a Generator Mount on Your Camper: Easy and Simple Ways

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I personally believe that if you decide to buy an RV, the generator should be on the top of the list of your travel trailer accessories. A generator mount is a necessity.

I appreciate comfort when camping. Of course, at times you thrive for the wildness of the experience. However, it is always good to know that whatever adventure you can go to, there will always be hot shower and air conditioning waiting for you in your RV.

Most of the time, trailer generators are really massive. Unfortunately, not all RVs are manufactured in a way to have an original generator mount on them.

Champion 75537i generator is quite compact and does not weight too much. I have done a complete review on this product. You can check it out.

The problem occurs in many situations: first of all you have to put the generator inside the RV to transport it to wherever you need.

Once you have arrived, there will be the need to take that massive piece of machinery out. It can cause some serious damage to both you and your camper.

generator mount 4 Methods to Asses a Generator Mount on Your Camper: Easy and Simple Ways

The second problem rises once you decide to keep the generator inside the camper. I guarantee you, no matter how quite the manufacturers claim their generators are, you will still be getting a decent amount of noise.

This is a real headache especially during the night.

Moreover, let’s not forget how generators work. They operate on fuel. This means that if any generator stays a little longer in your camper, the closed area will start smelling of gas very quickly.

Finally, if you think that you can easily deal with the weight to take the generator out of your camper and you are certain that keeping the generator outside is a good idea, trust me, it is not.

You can almost never predict the weather during the night. Even if you are getting a ton of sunshine during the day. There is no guarantee you will not be getting a rainfall at night.

Not all generators are produced with super durable frames.

Considering the above-mentioned facts, there are very few generator mount ways. The most optimal choice is to create the generator mount outside the generator itself.

You have the choices to either attribute your generator to the bumper directly, or make or get a frame for your machine.

I advise you to be extra careful and attentive when reading this article. It is very easy to mess up a generator mount. As a result, you can get a broken or a damaged generator.

In the worst case scenario you will be stuck at a highway with little pieces of your once expensive generator.

An A-frame generator mount

As a generator mount, this is probably the most optimal choice for everyone. However, you might not want to spend money on this purchase.

This option refers to the front of your RV. Right above your tanks with propane there is a comfy space for an A-frame generator mount.

I am sure you are aware that the front part of the trailer always has a smoother ride. Therefore, especially on the generator mount, you can be certain that the generator would be safe and secure.

Most of the time a generator mount would support about 300 pounds. I have no idea what generator would you be needing that would weight more than that.

4 Methods to Asses a Generator Mount on Your Camper: Easy and Simple Ways

Moreover, the height of this generator mount can be adjusted to a proper number, suitable for your own camper.

Lucky for us, when you order your A-frame generator mount, it usually comes with everything necessary for the installation.

Therefore, the process is easy and fast. Since the A-frame generator mount supports the generator itself, there is no pressure on the camper bumper.

Moreover, you can play around with the distribution of the weight on this generator mount. This way you will make sure your generator has a smooth ride on the front part of your RV.

However, this might cause certain problems, if you have bigger propane tanks. The adjustment might not work out.

Rear bumper generator mount with a hitch

To me this is the simplest option. The direct connection to the rear bumper is simply a generator mount platform. It is attached to the square part of the RV rear bumper.

However, you might want to think about this option very thoroughly. It may happen so that your camper rear bumper is not capable of supporting a generator weight.

You can encounter countless bad experiences with hitches. However, if anything happens to the bumper it is solely the owners fault.

Even if you have a huge camper, made of the best quality material and frame, as well as bumpers, you need to know for sure that the weight can be supported.

You might be surprised with how much trouble a simple bike can cause if attached to a bumper, which is incapable of carrying even light objects such as a bike.

The need to be careful is not just because you can break and loose a good generator. You need to understand the responsibility toward other drivers as well.

read bumper generator mount

For instance, if your generator falls off at a highway, it can cause someone’s life. Most probably the driver and the passengers who were right behind your camper.

However, if you finally decide to mount the generator with a hitch on the back bumper, make sure to check the weight carrying capacity.

You can have a look at these small campers with bathrooms as good options to consider.

Hitch platform RV frame connected rear generator mount

If you are an experienced camper driver, you should know the name Curt, as the biggest manufacturer of hitches for generator mount.

Since I have mentioned the risks of the previous option, they have though to create another model of generator mount with a hitch.

This one is directly connected to the camper frame. It allows the driver not to worry about the weight capacity of the camper.

Custom made generator mount

This option can basically be all the above-mentioned solutions. The only difference is that the generator mount is not bought, but created and built by you.

Storage trays, as well as baskets are perfectly suitable for creating a custom built generator mount. The good thing is that the weight capacity of such creations is usually above 400 pounds.

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